buy Batman Cuddle Pillow Buddy

Batman Cuddle Pillow Buddy

Kids are going to love this fun Batman Cuddle Pillow Buddy.

This is not a plush toy or a pillow it is a blend of both and that makes it great fun to play with or to cuddle with in bed.

The Batman buddy is 18 inches tall making it nice and big for little Batman fans.

It is great for many adventures your child wants to have with Batman and if you are an adult this Batman could be fun too as a pillow for on your couch or maybe in the car as he loves to go on road trips.

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buy Batmobile Play Tent

Batmobile Play Tent

Now little Batman fans can get a fun Batmobile Play Tent.

Play tents are fun for kids to play in or just relax and read a book and if it is a comic book then this is the play tent to get as it looks like the Batmobile just like Batman has it.

And this tent is easy to put up and take down so that it doesn’t really have to be in the way if the kids aren’t playing with it.

There is a big door in the back and there is a sunroof too for to make it even cooler. I am sure your child is going to love it.

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buy Giant Batman Action Figure

Giant Batman Action Figure

Now you can own a Giant Batman Action Figure.

We all know these action figure that are like maybe 5 inches tall but if you want something special then you should check out this Batman action figure as it is more than 48 inches tall.

The Batman figure even has a cloth cape and he can move his arms too. And then there is the Batman symbol on his chest that can be a night light but also works as a projector of the famous bat symbol.

Kids ages 3 and up can enjoy this amazing Batman figurine that is just the perfect size to stand around in your home.

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buy LEGO Batman Plush Pillow

LEGO Batman Plush Pillow

The LEGO Batman plush pillow is perfect for all Batman fanatics and is perfect for bed, throw pillow for a couch or a travel pillow.

This is a very soft plush pillow that is based after the DC Comics superhero of Batman. Find a shaped pillow that looks just like Batman in a black superhero suit with a large yellow Batman bat logo on it. The Batman pillow also features an attached cape.

The DC Comics LEGO Batman plush pillow stands a total of 19 inches tall and is 10 inches wide x 3 inches thick. It is made from 100% polyester giving you a very durable long lasting pillow that is also super soft and cuddly.

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buy Batman Electric Ride On Batmobile

Batman Electric Ride On Batmobile

DC Comics Batman would love this electric ride on Batmobile. Ok maybe it is more environmentally friendly but I’m not sure it goes as fast as the superhero would like.

This is a kids ride-on toy that looks just like a cool version of the DC Comics Superhero batman’s Batmobile. With so many details like doors that slide up, front grill will Batman logo, steering wheel, and shifter.

The Batmobile electric ride-on features a drivetrain with forward and reverse. It will go up to the speed of 2.5 Mph (4 Kmph) and has LED lights and sounds for a cool effect. Also included is a 6-volt rechargeable battery and has a maximum weight capacity for kids up to 66 pounds.

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buy Batman Voice Changer Helmet

Batman Voice Changer Helmet

Now you can wear this Batman Voice Changer Helmet that makes you look and sound a lot more like the Dark Knight.

This mask is black with the bat ears on top and then on the forehead, you can see the Batman logo where the speaker is behind and then there is a grey cover for in front of your mouth and you can open that.

There are 30+ battle sounds and phrases build in to be way more like the true Batman and those sounds run on 3 AAA batteries and they are included with the mask.

Halloween, cosplay, and just playing at home this Batman mask is what a Batman to be really needs.

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buy Batman Toy Chest

Batman Toy Chest

Toys like to be everywhere but now there is a Batman toy chest that is just perfect for collecting toys.

The Batman toy chest is collapsible so that you can keep it folded down when you don’t need it and have it always at hand for collecting those loose toys.

The toy chest is yellow on the inside and the outside is black with yellow details and the Batman logo on the bottom and also many times on the lid.

And the Batman chest also has handles on the side so that you can move it with toys in it as long as they are not to heavy to move.

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buy Batman and Robing In Batmobile Pin Mate Toy

Batman and Robing In Batmobile Pin Mate Toy

If you are a Batman fan that likes cool items for you collection then you should check out this Batman and Robing In Batmobile Pin Mate toy.

The Pin Mate set is made from wood and comes with a blue batmobile that has the Batman symbol on the side and on the wheels and yes it does ride and inside the batmobile you of course find Batman and Robin and they are about 2 inches tall and come out so that you can play with it.

This Batman set is not really a toy for young kids as it is rated ages 14 and up and seems more like a collectible that will look really cool on a shelve in your home.

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buy LEGO Batman BrickHeadz

LEGO Batman BrickHeadz

Now you can build your own Batman thanks to this LEGO Batman BrickHeadz set.

It is a LEGO set that just makes you build your favorite superhero and this time it is Batman. Batman is build with 91 pieces of LEGO and when build it stands 2 inches tall.

LEGO Batman of course is a bit more square then the real Batman but this one can be living in your home or office as it does not take up to much space. And if you ever need to hide your superhero then just take him apart and nobody will know that it is actually is a superhero.

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buy Plush Bear The Looks Like Robin The Boy Wonder

Plush Bear The Looks Like Robin The Boy Wonder

If you like plush animals and superhero’s then why not get this bear that looks like Robin.

The bear is made by GUND and is called Robin Hardwin and looks just like Robin from Batman as he is wearing the same costume and mask and even has a yellow cape.

Kids and adults are going to love this Robing toy and it is rated ages 1 and up so just keep it away from the baby but besides that it is good to go.

If you want to play Batman then now you can have your own Robin by your side in the form of this adorable plush bear.

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