buy Batman Voice Changer Helmet

Batman Voice Changer Helmet

Now you can wear this Batman Voice Changer Helmet that makes you look and sound a lot more like the Dark Knight.

This mask is black with the bat ears on top and then on the forehead, you can see the Batman logo where the speaker is behind and then there is a grey cover for in front of your mouth and you can open that.

There are 30+ battle sounds and phrases build in to be way more like the true Batman and those sounds run on 3 AAA batteries and they are included with the mask.

Halloween, cosplay, and just playing at home this Batman mask is what a Batman to be really needs.

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buy Halloween LEGO Robin Costume

Halloween LEGO Robin Costume

If your child loves the LEGO Batman movie then now they can wear this Halloween LEGO Robin costume.

The kids costume will fit kids sizes 4 – 12 and is great for Halloween, cosplay, or just playing at home.

The Halloween costume includes a the body of a LEGO figure, cape, head, and green hands and your kid can just wear their own pants and shoes.

Not everyone should be Batman so the kids can now be the trusty friend and helper of the superhero because this LEGO outfit is amazing looking and Robin can be way more fun the the Dark Knight.

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buy Batman Costume Slipper Boots

Batman Costume Slipper Boots

If you are a Batman with cold feet then you just need these Batman costume slipper boots.

The slipper boots are made for adults and they come in a bunch of sizes for both men and women.

The Batman slippers are costume boots that are black and gray and even have a cape and the Batman logo on the front.

You can wear these cool slippers every night when you are at home or maybe you can even use them as part of your Batman Halloween costume.

So get ready to have nice and warm feet and feel a lot more like Batman all by just wearing this footwear.

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buy Kids The Joker Costume

Kids The Joker Costume

Now your child can be a Batman villain thanks to this kids The Joker costume.

The kids costume will transforms them into the evil Joker and that makes it perfect for Halloween, cosplay, or just fun playing at home.

The Joker costume includes a jumpsuit that looks like the suit that the Joker wears complete with the flower on the front. The costume includes also shoe covers and a headpiece with green hair.

The kids Halloween costume is available in different sizes for the perfect size and I am sure that it will look amazing on your child.

Trick or treating will be different as a famous DC Comics villain.

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buy Batman Corset And Skirt Costume

Batman Corset And Skirt Costume

Now there is a Batman corset and skirt costume for women that like to be a sexy female Batman or maybe Batgirl.

The superhero costume includes a black corset top with a removable cape and it really makes you upper body look stunning and makes you feel like a true superhero. Then there is the short tutu skirt that just like the top have studs on it.

You can get this sexy Batman costume in many women’s sizes so that you will get the perfect size for you.

Now cosplay or Halloween will be even better because you are the superhero to look for because the normal Batman now is just plain and boring compared to you.

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buy Batman Costume Tights

Batman Costume Tights

If you like Batman or Batgirl and need some fun leg wear then you should be checking out these fun Batman costume tights.

The women’s tights are full length but only the bottom part is printed.

On the tights you can see the bottom part that is yellow and ends in the head of Batman or Batgirl and then it is a dark grey color with on the thigh the famous Batman logo.

The tight look amazing just like that with shorts, dress, or a skirt and they look stunning as part of your Batgirl costume as it looks a lot like her leg wear.

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buy Batman Logo Face Mask

Batman Logo Face Mask

If you want a cool Batman mask then you should check out this Batman logo face mask.

The face mask looks a bit like a surgical mask and is made out of yellow and black beads. The yellow beads are the background color and the Batman logo is black beads.

A mask like this is great for any Batman occasion and can even be fun to wear for Halloween.

So if you like to look a bit more like Bane and want to show the world that they really like Batman then you should be wearing this amazing beaded face mask.

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buy Catwoman Mask

Catwoman Mask

If Catwoman is what you want to be then a good start would be this Catwoman mask.

The mask will transform you head into the head of Catwoman the black headpiece covers most of you head just like how it looks on the real Catwoman.

Now your Catwoman cosplay or Halloween costume is complete because you need a head piece to make your tight shiny black costume complete.

The Catwoman head piece comes in one size that will fit most adults.

Now you can prowl the street at night while wearing your black mask and you can feel like the sexy feline from the Batman movies.

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buy Robin Costume Tights

Robin Costume Tights

If you want to be Robin the trusted sidekick of Batman then now you can look like him by wearing these Robin costume tights.

These women’s costume tights are perfect for Halloween or cosplay as they make you look like you are Robin.

The tights are green on the bottom, black in the middle and red on the top with gold bands and the Robin logo on them.

No longer do you need to wear boring and plain tights all thanks to Robin as these cool tights have way more color and are great for a dress up occasion.

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buy Batman Mask with Voice Disguiser

Batman Mask with Voice Disguiser

This is one cool and functional Batman Mask!

Ever want to command the presence of “the Bat”!? Mattel has been licensed by DC to bring that power to you, with this amazing Batman Mask! A voice changer will make you sound like the Dark Knight, emanating from a speaker embedded in the top front of the mask!

Who are you? “I AM BATMAN” – these three words have scared the fear of overdue justice in criminals the world over. Now you can deliver this sensation to loved ones and frenemies alike!

Great for true DC fans, and perfect for your friends or as a gift to yourself, this unique item is priced in a range that makes it available for you today. It is styled similar to Frank Miller’s rendition of Batman as recreated in the movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Its plastic molding is true to the iconic visage of the caped crusader.

While we don’t recommend you using it for phone pranks, when asking people about their favorite scary movies, the gag usages for this awesome item are as endless as one’s imagination. Is a joke the opposite side of the Batman coin? You make that call, it’s your dime!

Pick one up today! The world isn’t gonna save itself!

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