buy Batman Electric Ride On Batmobile

Batman Electric Ride On Batmobile

DC Comics Batman would love this electric ride on Batmobile. Ok maybe it is more environmentally friendly but I’m not sure it goes as fast as the superhero would like.

This is a kids ride-on toy that looks just like a cool version of the DC Comics Superhero batman’s Batmobile. With so many details like doors that slide up, front grill will Batman logo, steering wheel, and shifter.

The Batmobile electric ride-on features a drivetrain with forward and reverse. It will go up to the speed of 2.5 Mph (4 Kmph) and has LED lights and sounds for a cool effect. Also included is a 6-volt rechargeable battery and has a maximum weight capacity for kids up to 66 pounds.

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buy Batmobile Pop Up Card

Batmobile Pop Up Card

Now you cand send a Batman fan this amazing Batmobile Pop Up Card.

This greeting card is just perfect for a true Batman fan. On the front of the Batman greeting card you can find the logo of Batman and below it you find the text “For the man who has everything”. Opening the card is really special as the Batmobile is inside it and it will unfold when you open the card. The 3D Batmobile will surprise the people who recieve this card.

I am sure that any fan of Batman will love recieving this card and as it is made for men you can send it on fathersday or a birthday or otherwise special day.

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buy Batman and the Batmobile Comforter

Batman and the Batmobile Comforter

Now any Batman fan can sleep at peace all thanks to this Batman and the Batmobile Comforter.

This fun comforter is twin / full size and is made to keep you warm and comfy when sleeping.

On the front of the comforter you can find Batman flying around and below him you can find the Batmobile. On the back of the comforter you can find a big Batman logo and some tire tracks (click on the picture to see it).

So now you can sleep and dream of your own Batman adventure under this comfortable bedding.

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buy Batman And Robin Snow Globe

Batman And Robin Snow Globe

Now there is the perfect Batman And Robin Snow Globe.

This snow globe has a base that shows you an inside look in the bat cave with the Batmobile and the car drives around through the base. Above the base there is a big globe with inside it Batman and robing running to their next adventure.

When you shake the the globe there is snow but also those typical words like Zap!, Pow!, and Bang! just like in the classic 1966 TV series.

And the snow globe has music to making this even more unique and really special.

True Batman fans that are collecting the cool stuff should really check out this Batman snow globe.

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buy Batman and Robing In Batmobile Pin Mate Toy

Batman and Robing In Batmobile Pin Mate Toy

If you are a Batman fan that likes cool items for you collection then you should check out this Batman and Robing In Batmobile Pin Mate toy.

The Pin Mate set is made from wood and comes with a blue batmobile that has the Batman symbol on the side and on the wheels and yes it does ride and inside the batmobile you of course find Batman and Robin and they are about 2 inches tall and come out so that you can play with it.

This Batman set is not really a toy for young kids as it is rated ages 14 and up and seems more like a collectible that will look really cool on a shelve in your home.

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buy Batman Batmobile Wall Clock

Batman Batmobile Wall Clock

Now there is a Batman Batmobile wall clock based on the classic TV series and it is amazing.

The wall clock is shaped like the Batmobile from the classic TV series and it will look stunning on your wall.

The Batman clock shows a clock face with on it Robin and Batman and on the hood of the car you can see the Batman logo and it is kind of a cuckoo clock but not with a bird, the clock will have front and back lights that go on and there will be sound too.

And to make this Batman clock look more like a classic clock there are pendants hanging below it with one that has the Batman logo in red on it.

So make room on your wall because this Batmobile is one you just need and it is an item that is not easy to find.

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buy Batmobile Cookie Jar

Batmobile Cookie Jar

If you are a Batman fan that wonders what fuel the Batmobile uses then the answer is cookies because this Batmobile cookie jar just has room for that on the inside.

So now you can have a Batman cookie jar that looks like an amazing blue Batmobile and just lift the seats and there is where the cookie go.

The 11.5 inch long Batmobile is perfect for storing those cookies that didn’t get eaten when you opened the package.

A cookie jar like this is what every Batman fan needs and the quality materials make this a product that could last for generations in your home.

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buy LEGO Batman Movie Batmobile 70905

LEGO Batman Movie Batmobile 70905

If you like LEGO and Batman then you will like the LEGO Batman movie and in that movie, you can find the LEGO Batmobile and that is what we have here.

Yes, you can own the Batmobile Batman uses in the LEGO Batman Movie.

The LEGO Batmobile is LEGO set 70905 and has 581 pieces and is rated ages 8 and up. And besides the Batmobile, you will get some mini figures too including Batman and Robin but there are 3 more.

A LEGO set like this lets you build the Batmobile and go on adventures and yes I wonder too if it comes with seatbelts.

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buy Batmobile TV Series Metal Model Kit

Batmobile TV Series Metal Model Kit

DC Comics superhero of Batman has had many years of service. Starting with the classic television series, comic books and then into movies. Collect a piece of Batman history with a metal shiny twist.

This Batmobile model kit is based after the awesome Batman TV series. Find all of the Batmobile features in immense detail but instead of black it is done in a metal shiny finish.

The Batman TV series Batmobile measures 3.5 inches in length x 1.3 inches in width x 1.0 inches in height when put all together. What a great DC Comics Batman collectors item that looks amazing when displayed.

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buy 1989 Batmobile Metal Model Kit

1989 Batmobile Metal Model Kit

Now there is a metal Batmobile you have to build yourself.

This is the same Batmobile used by Batman in 1989 only this one isn’t black but just metal color and has to be build by you.

The model kit is metal and can be put together with clippers and tweezers and is something really unique specially because you build it.

When build the Batmobile is 3.5 X 1.5 X 1 inch and that makes it the perfect size for displaying with the rest of your Batman collection.

Building models was always something I enjoyed and building a metal Batman model is something that I would love to try.

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