buy LEGO Batman Plush Pillow

LEGO Batman Plush Pillow

The LEGO Batman plush pillow is perfect for all Batman fanatics and is perfect for bed, throw pillow for a couch or a travel pillow.

This is a very soft plush pillow that is based after the DC Comics superhero of Batman. Find a shaped pillow that looks just like Batman in a black superhero suit with a large yellow Batman bat logo on it. The Batman pillow also features an attached cape.

The DC Comics LEGO Batman plush pillow stands a total of 19 inches tall and is 10 inches wide x 3 inches thick. It is made from 100% polyester giving you a very durable long lasting pillow that is also super soft and cuddly.

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buy Boys LEGO Batman Underwear Set

Boys LEGO Batman Underwear Set

Now there is this Boys LEGO Batman Underwear Set that is perfect for the kids that love the LEGO Batman movie.

This underwear set includes 5 pairs of 100% cotton briefs that comes in many kids sizes to keep the little and big boys happy.

Each pair of briefs have a different print and you will find logo’s, Batman, Robin, and more.

Now you don’t have to worry about your child wearing clean underwear because now it will be what pair shall I choose today as they are all so fun to wear.

Make your child happy with 5 pairs of Batman underwear.

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buy 2020 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar

2020 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar

2020 can start now because there now is the 2020 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar.

Anyone that loves Batman and LEGO just deserve to have this calendar.

The calendar will bring you a new amazing photo every month and it could be Batman as a LEGO figure but it could be The Joker or anyone else from the LEGO Batman movie.

The Batman calendar also has a great calendar grid that can be used to write your important thing on like the birthdays of all your friends and it also already has the major holidays filled out so that you know when things happen.

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buy 2019 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar

2019 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar

Now there is a 2019 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar.

Not only can you have a cool Batman calendar this is also a fun LEGO calendar all in one and that can make 2019 a lot more fun.

The wall calendar will bring a new LEGO Batman images that can bring things like the Batmobile but there is way more.

And the great LEGO set on the month’s page have a fun background color that goes to the calendar grid below it and that grid has plenty of room for your appointment and important days and major holidays are filled out for your too.

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buy Halloween LEGO Robin Costume

Halloween LEGO Robin Costume

If your child loves the LEGO Batman movie then now they can wear this Halloween LEGO Robin costume.

The kids costume will fit kids sizes 4 – 12 and is great for Halloween, cosplay, or just playing at home.

The Halloween costume includes a the body of a LEGO figure, cape, head, and green hands and your kid can just wear their own pants and shoes.

Not everyone should be Batman so the kids can now be the trusty friend and helper of the superhero because this LEGO outfit is amazing looking and Robin can be way more fun the the Dark Knight.

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buy LEGO Batman BrickHeadz

LEGO Batman BrickHeadz

Now you can build your own Batman thanks to this LEGO Batman BrickHeadz set.

It is a LEGO set that just makes you build your favorite superhero and this time it is Batman. Batman is build with 91 pieces of LEGO and when build it stands 2 inches tall.

LEGO Batman of course is a bit more square then the real Batman but this one can be living in your home or office as it does not take up to much space. And if you ever need to hide your superhero then just take him apart and nobody will know that it is actually is a superhero.

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buy LEGO Batman Water Bottle

LEGO Batman Water Bottle

If you like LEGO Batman and need a cool water bottle then this is the LEGO Batman water bottle you need.

This is a black water bottle with a yellow silicon strap and a lid that looks like a LEGO brick and even says “LEGO” on it. And on the bottle itself it shows Batman running and under his feet, you can see the yellow Batman logo and the bottle says “Just Another Day At Work”.

And kids will love this Batman water bottle as it is LEGO and Batman and parents will like it too as it is dishwasher safe so easy to clean after a rough day at school.

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buy LEGO Batman Boys Swim Shorts

LEGO Batman Boys Swim Shorts

Now your child can go to the pool wearing these cool LEGO Batman boys swim shorts.

The swim shorts shows a picture collage on one side with many of Batman villains on it and the other sides shows Batman and Robin running to their next adventure. And the Batman swim trunks have a red elastic waistband.

You can get these LEGO Batman shorts in many kids sizes so that all the boys can enjoy wearing them to the beach or pool this summer.

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buy LEGO Batman Backpack

LEGO Batman Backpack

If LEGO Batman is you favorite and you need a new backpack then you just have to get this LEGO Batman backpack.

The backpack is 16 x 12 x 4.5 inches making it perfect for school or work backpack but you can take it on many adventures. And the Batman backpack has reflective details so that even in the dark people will be able to see you.

The LEGO Batman backpack has two compartments and meshes side pockets so that there is plenty of space to organize your stuff and you can have your water bottle outside in the side pocket.

On the backpack, you will find many images of LEGO Batman and even the padded adjustable straps have Batman on them.

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buy LEGO Batman Movie Batmobile 70905

LEGO Batman Movie Batmobile 70905

If you like LEGO and Batman then you will like the LEGO Batman movie and in that movie, you can find the LEGO Batmobile and that is what we have here.

Yes, you can own the Batmobile Batman uses in the LEGO Batman Movie.

The LEGO Batmobile is LEGO set 70905 and has 581 pieces and is rated ages 8 and up. And besides the Batmobile, you will get some mini figures too including Batman and Robin but there are 3 more.

A LEGO set like this lets you build the Batmobile and go on adventures and yes I wonder too if it comes with seatbelts.

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