buy Batmobile TV Series Metal Model Kit

Batmobile TV Series Metal Model Kit

DC Comics superhero of Batman has had many years of service. Starting with the classic television series, comic books and then into movies. Collect a piece of Batman history with a metal shiny twist.

This Batmobile model kit is based after the awesome Batman TV series. Find all of the Batmobile features in immense detail but instead of black it is done in a metal shiny finish.

The Batman TV series Batmobile measures 3.5 inches in length x 1.3 inches in width x 1.0 inches in height when put all together. What a great DC Comics Batman collectors item that looks amazing when displayed.

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buy 1989 Batmobile Metal Model Kit

1989 Batmobile Metal Model Kit

Now there is a metal Batmobile you have to build yourself.

This is the same Batmobile used by Batman in 1989 only this one isn’t black but just metal color and has to be build by you.

The model kit is metal and can be put together with clippers and tweezers and is something really unique specially because you build it.

When build the Batmobile is 3.5 X 1.5 X 1 inch and that makes it the perfect size for displaying with the rest of your Batman collection.

Building models was always something I enjoyed and building a metal Batman model is something that I would love to try.

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buy Batman Voice Changer Mask From Batman V Superman

Batman Voice Changer Mask From Batman V Superman

This Batman mask is just like the one worn by Batman in the movie Batman V Superman and it’s great for kids that like to be the Dark Knight.

And this Batman mask is not just a mask, it has light around they eyes and a voice changer and more then 15 phrases build in so that even the little kids can sound like Batman.

Of course this Batman mask if fun for play and great for the Halloween costume.

The mask is rated ages 4+ and runs on 3 AAA batteries (demo batteries included).

Make you child happy as this will make them look just like Batman.

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buy 10 Inch Plush Batman

10 Inch Plush Batman

This plush Batman is based on the Batman we have seen in the movie Batman V Superman with the cool helmet and costume.

At 10 inch tall this Batman toy is smaller then the real Batman but also a way cooler sizes as you can take it almost anywhere and you can cuddle him and play with him together with your other plush toys.

Kids or Adults this Batman plush is just great fun just to have as part of your Batman collection and I am sure that he will look great just sitting on a chair in your home or as part of the stack of plush animals from your child.

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buy Batman And Catwoman Batcave LEGO DUPLO Set 10545

Batman And Catwoman Batcave LEGO DUPLO Set 10545

If you child love Batman and building things then this LEGO DUPLO set could be perfect.

The LEGO set lets kids build the bat cave with Batman and Catwoman to play in it and it includes a slide, canon and much more and is great for hours of building and play time.

It is LEGO set 10545 and and DC Comics fan your or old can enjoy playing with it even though it is rated ages 2 – 5.

And besides building the bat cave there are different building to build so that it keep fun and challenging for kids to play with and of course it perfect to combine with other LEGO they have.

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buy Batman And Jetpack Toy Set

Batman And Jetpack Toy Set

If your little one loves their superhero Batman, then this it the next best toy for them. It is Batman And his Jetpack. They are really going to love it!

The two pieces of this toy set are a DC Comics Batman action figure and a Batman jetpack. Batman is wearing his black outfit with the black and yellow bat symbol and his yellow utility belt. Batman’s jetpack is yellow and black too. It is so cool. The jets turn to make sure Batman is flying over Gotham City in the right direction.

Brought to you by Fisher Price Imaginext, you know it is going to be a great addition to your little one’s toy collection. DC Comics Batman would probably buy this for his little one if he had one. It comes in two pieces and is recommended for those older than 3.

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buy Fuzzy Plush Batman Bear

Fuzzy Plush Batman Bear

Never fear, Batman Bear is here! A Bat Bear? Oh he’s a fuzzy plush Batman Bear. Perfect for the Batman fan in your house.

Batman bear is a light brown colored bear with a cute dark brown nose. He has a light blue bat mask covering his face except for his little black eyes. This bat mask does have two pointy ears. Around his neck is a blue cape. Perfect! Then his little outfit is a grey top with the black and yellow bat symbol. He has his yellow utility belt and blue shorts. He is going to be loved no matter who has him in their arms.

This little bear is an officially licensed DC Comics product, so you know it is a good rendition of the original Batman. It is 12 inches tall, so it is a great size for any little one.

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buy Batman Arkham Asylum Breakout LEGO Set

Batman Arkham Asylum Breakout LEGO Set

LEGO set 10937 is Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout and is an amazing creation that is waiting to be put together.

When you build this LEGO Arkham Asylum there is so much detail from opening jail cell doors, decor ivy vines, ice, security gate and even a sevurity van.

Included in this set is 8 LEGO minifigures of: Batman, Robin, The Joker, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Dr. Harleen Quinzel, Scarecrow and a guard with weapons and accessories each detailed an look like they are right out of the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum.

The LEGO set is series number 10937 and is an officially licensed DC Universe Super Heroes LEGO set that will be great for all, collectors or build and play enthusiasts.

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buy Arkham Knight Batman Action Figure

Arkham Knight Batman Action Figure

A Batman collector will love to take a closer look at this action figure.

This DC Comics action figure looks just like the Batman superhero from the amazing video game of Batman: Arkham Knight, find an all black superhero suit with an all black utility belt and yes an all black Batman bat logo on the front chest.

With so much attention to detail this is a high quality Batman action figure that stands over 18 inches tall and has over 25 points of articulation so you can pose Batman in any Arkham Knight pose you want.

Includes many accesories like the Batman batarang, grapnel gun and the cape is made from a very nice fabric, also for the serious collector looking to keep their Batman: Arkham Knight action figure in mint condition it comes in a special window box package.

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buy Batman Lights And Sound Trike

Batman Lights And Sound Trike

Batman Lights And Sound Trike

It is time to roll like your favorite superhero Batman.

This is a kids trike that is based after the cool DC Comics Superhero Batman, with Batman bat symbols evrywhere and the face plate of the trike has buttons that turn on lights and sounds and there is a walkie talkie that has recorded messages from Batman himself.

This trike is made by the durable, reliable and trusted company of Fisher-Price so you know you are getting quality, with a very sturdy construction the front wheel is oversized and the back two wheels have a wide base for stability and the seat adjusts to 3 different sizes to grow with your child.

Get on the DC Comics Batman Lights And Sound Trike.