buy Batman Face And Logo Mug

Batman Face And Logo Mug

Now there is a cool Batman Face And Logo Mug.

This is a black ceramic Batman mug that is dishwasher and microwave safe and can hold 16oz of your favorite drink.

On the front of the mug you can see little bat ears on the side and shows the face of the Dark Knight on the front and on the back it shows the famous Batman symbol in yellow.

So if you like to feel a bit more as a true Batman superhero then start your day with a fresh coffee from your new Batman logo mug.

Now you can retire the mug your use now because Batman is way cooler.

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buy Batman My Dad Is A Hero Mug

Batman My Dad Is A Hero Mug

Now you can shows you dad how special he is by getting him this Batman My Dad Is A Hero Mug.

The mug is all about how amazing your dad is and Batman because he is amazing too.

Made from high quality stone wear this 16oz mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

The inside of the mug is yellow with the Batman symbol all over it. On the outside you can find the Batman logo on one side while on the other side you can see Batman and the text “Some people don’t believe in heroes but they haven’t met my Dad”.

A mug like this makes for a nice fathers day surprise but there are other days you can surprise your dad with some hot coffee in this amazing mug.

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buy Batman and the Batmobile Comforter

Batman and the Batmobile Comforter

Now any Batman fan can sleep at peace all thanks to this Batman and the Batmobile Comforter.

This fun comforter is twin / full size and is made to keep you warm and comfy when sleeping.

On the front of the comforter you can find Batman flying around and below him you can find the Batmobile. On the back of the comforter you can find a big Batman logo and some tire tracks (click on the picture to see it).

So now you can sleep and dream of your own Batman adventure under this comfortable bedding.

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buy Batman And Robin Snow Globe

Batman And Robin Snow Globe

Now there is the perfect Batman And Robin Snow Globe.

This snow globe has a base that shows you an inside look in the bat cave with the Batmobile and the car drives around through the base. Above the base there is a big globe with inside it Batman and robing running to their next adventure.

When you shake the the globe there is snow but also those typical words like Zap!, Pow!, and Bang! just like in the classic 1966 TV series.

And the snow globe has music to making this even more unique and really special.

True Batman fans that are collecting the cool stuff should really check out this Batman snow globe.

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buy 2019 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar

2019 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar

Now there is a 2019 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar.

Not only can you have a cool Batman calendar this is also a fun LEGO calendar all in one and that can make 2019 a lot more fun.

The wall calendar will bring a new LEGO Batman images that can bring things like the Batmobile but there is way more.

And the great LEGO set on the month’s page have a fun background color that goes to the calendar grid below it and that grid has plenty of room for your appointment and important days and major holidays are filled out for your too.

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buy kids Batman Ready For Christmas Sweater

kids Batman Ready For Christmas Sweater

If your child looks cool for the holidays then surprise them with this kids Batman Ready For Christmas Sweater.

The Christmas sweater is dark grey in color with black cuffs and white shapes on top and the main feature of this sweater is a picture of Batman and the Dark Knight is wearing a red Santa hat just like Santa Claus wears only the one Batman wears has his famous bat symbol on it.

You can get t his kids Christmas sweater in many sizes so that toddlers and bigger kids can all enjoy wearing one. And the Batman sweater is made from 96% acrylic and 4% nylon.

Get your kids Batman Ready For Christmas Sweater

buy Comic Style Batman Pajama Pants

Comic Style Batman Pajama Pants

Now Batman fans can be comfy while lounging at home all thanks to these comic style Batman pajama pants.

These Batman lounge pants come in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and they are all made from preshrunk cotton.

The pajama pants have two different designs on the legs as the left leg shows sound bubbles that say things like Blam!, Wham!, and Crash! and there is a the Batman logo on it too. On the other leg you can see Batman in an action scene.

I am sure that a Batman fan would love to get a pair of Batman pajama pants like these and that means that it would be nice as a present for a true fan or yourself.

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buy Batman Costume Slipper Boots

Batman Costume Slipper Boots

If you are a Batman with cold feet then you just need these Batman costume slipper boots.

The slipper boots are made for adults and they come in a bunch of sizes for both men and women.

The Batman slippers are costume boots that are black and gray and even have a cape and the Batman logo on the front.

You can wear these cool slippers every night when you are at home or maybe you can even use them as part of your Batman Halloween costume.

So get ready to have nice and warm feet and feel a lot more like Batman all by just wearing this footwear.

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buy Batman Harness Style Backpack

Batman Harness Style Backpack

Now there is nice Batman harness style backpack.

The Batman backpack is not a bag that screams Batman but it clearly is to fans of the Dark Knight like you.

The backpack on the outside looks like of like a harness made with lots of dark colors like black, purple and then there is yellow to  and the Batman logo in black on top of it.

And this Batman backpack is 18 x 12 x 5.25 inches making it nice and big and perfect for back to school and the office. The backpack is yellow on the inside with lots of space to store you stuff including you computer as there is a build in laptop sleeve in the backpack.

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buy Batman Yellow And Black Toddler Swim Trunks

Batman Yellow And Black Toddler Swim Trunks

If your little boy likes Batman then you should check these Batman yellow and black toddler swim trunks.

These Batman boxers are made for little kids ages 12 – 24 months and will be just perfect for a visit to the pool or beach.

The kids swim trunks are covered in stripes in black, yellow, and gray and then on the front you can find Batman and the Batman logo.

Cute swimwear like this will be noticed by everyone that likes Batman and I am sure the adults will be jealous because they are so much fun to wear.

Your child can now run around in outside this summer in his cute Batman shorts.

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