buy Batman Birthday Candle

Batman Birthday Candle

Now you can get a unique Batman Birthday Candle.

This candle is hand made for you and is actually a candle holder with a white candle on top.

You can pick the candle holder as it comes in the number 1 – 9 and the full alphabet.

And the candle holder is black on the bottom and gray on the top and in between there is a yellow band with the Batman logo on it. And true Batman fans know what they see as it looks like Batman outfit complete with the yellow utility belt.

So now found the candle for your own or maybe your child’s Batman birthday party.

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buy Batman Wedding Band

Batman Wedding Band

Now there is a Batman Wedding Band for all the Batman fans that are getting married.

This sterling silver Batman ring is amazing looking with a nice rim on the top and bottom and in the middle the Batman logo over and over again and half of them are upside down compared to the previous one.

And this Batman ring comes in a giant range of sizes so that you can get the ring that fits you perfectly.

And if you are really thinking about getting this as a wedding band then you can even get it engraved too but this ring also looks great as just a nice piece of Batman jewelry for people that are not getting married.

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buy Batman Projection Alarm Clock

Batman Projection Alarm Clock

Now you can see time flying through your room all thanks to this Batman Projection Alarm Clock.

This alarm clock is black with the Batman logo on the front and the clock face but what is really cool about this clock is that it can show the time on the wall or ceiling and it does that in the Bat symbol just like how they would call the Dark Knight.

So if you like to be woken in Batman style then now you can all thanks to this clock and it can always tell you time without the need to stare at the clock itself.

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buy Batman Face And Logo Mug

Batman Face And Logo Mug

Now there is a cool Batman Face And Logo Mug.

This is a black ceramic Batman mug that is dishwasher and microwave safe and can hold 16oz of your favorite drink.

On the front of the mug you can see little bat ears on the side and shows the face of the Dark Knight on the front and on the back it shows the famous Batman symbol in yellow.

So if you like to feel a bit more as a true Batman superhero then start your day with a fresh coffee from your new Batman logo mug.

Now you can retire the mug your use now because Batman is way cooler.

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buy Little Bat Cave Sign

Little Bat Cave Sign

Now there is this Little Bat Cave Sign that is just made for a Childs bedroom.

The sign is made from rustic wood with a string on it so that it can hang on the doorknob of your kids bedroom.

On the sign it all start with the Batman symbol and then below it you find the text “Little bat cave non girls allowed (except mommy!)”.

It is just a super fun door hanger for all the Batman fans that want to keep girls out of the room.

I am sure that your kid is going to love this sign on the door because he has to be a true Batman fan.

Get your Little Bat Cave Sign

buy Women’s Fresh Batman Panties

Women’s Fresh Batman Panties

We all need clean underwear and you can be wearing these Women’s Fresh Batman Panties.

These women’s panties are white and have a black waistband and edge on the bottom. On the white fabric it shows many different Batman logo’s which brings some color to the design. On the black waistband it also says Batman in black so that it is there without being to obvious.

You can get this Batman underwear in women’s sizes Small – XL and it may even bring you the feeling of having superhero power.

I am sure that any lady will feel amazing when knowing that Batman panties is something they can wear.

Get your Women’s Fresh Batman Panties

buy Yellow Batman Logo Bike Helmet

Yellow Batman Logo Bike Helmet

Kids can now protect their heads by wearing this Yellow Batman Logo Bike Helmet.

The Batman bicycle helmet is black and yellow and on the yellow sides you can find the famous black Batman logo and as the Dark Knight hangs out in the dark they even added a red light on the back so that people can see your little Batman in the dark.

The Batman helmet is adjustable in size so that kids ages 3 – 8 can enjoy wearing this bike helmet and it is great for so many activities like riding skateboards, rollerblades, scooter, and a bicycle.

Get your Yellow Batman Logo Bike Helmet

buy Batman Popcorn Maker

Batman Popcorn Maker

Now there is a Batman Popcorn Maker for when you need a healthy snack.

The base of the popcorn maker is Batman blue with his utility belt printed on it in yellow and then on top of that there is a see-through dome that has the famous yellow and black Batman logo on it.

The dome is where the popcorn is being made in and doubles as serving bowl too.

Besides the popcorn maker you also get two measuring spoons one for the popcorn and one for if you like oil.

So now you just need some popcorn and you are ready for a Batman marathon on TV.

Get your Batman Popcorn Maker

buy Batman My Dad Is A Hero Mug

Batman My Dad Is A Hero Mug

Now you can shows you dad how special he is by getting him this Batman My Dad Is A Hero Mug.

The mug is all about how amazing your dad is and Batman because he is amazing too.

Made from high quality stone wear this 16oz mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.

The inside of the mug is yellow with the Batman symbol all over it. On the outside you can find the Batman logo on one side while on the other side you can see Batman and the text “Some people don’t believe in heroes but they haven’t met my Dad”.

A mug like this makes for a nice fathers day surprise but there are other days you can surprise your dad with some hot coffee in this amazing mug.

Get your Batman My Dad Is A Hero Mug

buy Batman Logo Serving Tray

Batman Logo Serving Tray

Now Batman fans can be ready for a party with this Batman Logo Serving Tray.

The serving tray is a big black ceramic Batman logo that can hold lots of things like snacks for a party but also other things like your jewelry, car keys and more.

The Batman tray is ceramic and dishwasher and microwave safe and measures 14 x 10 x 1 inches and will fit into almost any decor.

I even wonder if this is what Batman uses as a plate to eat his breakfast off as it does look a lot more fun than a boring round plate.

Get your Batman Logo Serving Tray