buy Batman Logo Belly Button Ring

Batman Logo Belly Button Ring

Batman jewelry is exactly what you need so why not check out this DC Comics Batman logo belly button ring

This is a belly button ring that features a dangle style pendant in the shape of the DC Comics superhero Batman bat logo. The pendant is very a shiny black perfect for the DC Batman fan.

Made to be very durable while also looking very nice the hole size or bar diameter is 14 gauge, this is a high quality 7/16” surgical steel bar.

The Batman Pendant is cubic zirconia and a gem is featured on the end of the bar with the entire belly button ring polished this absolutely stands out and looks amazing.

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buy Batman Lamp Ceiling Light Fixture

Batman Lamp Ceiling Light Fixture

DC Comics Batman is a great superhero now you can have him help protect your room a night with this lamp ceiling light fixture.

This is an LED light that is based after the DC Comics superhero of Batman. The light fixture is shaped just like a flying Batman overhead. All white with a grey outline looking like the Batman bat symbol with the Batman mask and head.

Using LED lights this Batman light fixture measures approximately: 2 3/4 inches in height, 37 1/4 inches in length and 15 3/4 inches in width. Easy to install and includes all the mounting hardware this Batman light also has a dimmer setting.

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buy Batman Logo Color Fade Leggings

Batman Logo Color Fade Leggings

If Batman is your favorite DC Comics superhero then check out these Batman logo color fade leggings. Great for any occasion just add them to your clothing closet.

This is a pair of leggings that feature yellow and black Batman logos printed all over them front and back. There is a color fade starting from yellow on the bottom fading into black at the top.

Made from the perfect material blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex giving you a stretchy comfortable legging that is super durable. The Batman leggings are a one size fits most with a range of kids sizes.

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buy Batman Logo LED Car Projection Light

Batman Logo LED Car Projection Light

DC Comics has many superheroes that are unique and awesome, here is a great item for the Batman fan that is truly a must have.

This is a projector light that features an led light projection of the DC Comics Batman logo. When you open your automotive door the light welcomes you on the ground with a very sharp distinct image of the Batman logo.

The 3D projector light is very easy to install with no drilling or damage to your car. It will fit any type of vehicle and can be mounted on the left or right, front or rear doors. It is made to be of a very premium quality, durable water resistant and dust proof and is run on 3 AAA batteries.

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buy Batman Luggage Strap

Batman Luggage Strap

Now you can travel in superhero style all thanks to this Batman Luggage Strap.

This Batman travel set has two luggage straps that are both black and have two different Batman logo’s on it and even says Batman, Gotham, and Dark Knight on it a nice background design.

And these luggage straps are adjustable so that they fit snugly around you suitcase and by having this around your suitcase it will make it easier to spot on the luggage belt at the airport and it also prevents your suitcase from accidently opening.

So if you are a traveling Batman fan then you have to see this bag strap.

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buy Batman Symbol Flashlight

Batman Symbol Flashlight

We all know that it gets dark out and that is why you need this Batman Symbol Flashlight.

This black flashlight runs on one AA battery that is not included in the box. When you turn it on you can project the light on to almost any surface and you will notice that it gives the Batman logo.

And as it gives the famous superhero symbol it may mean that Batman sees it and comes to your rescue.

A Batman flashlight like this is big enough to give you enough light and small enough so that you can keep it with you where ever you go and you can even click it on your pants or maybe your backpack.

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buy Batman Desk Fan

Batman Desk Fan

If it gets hot and you want some cool air then you should check out this Batman Desk Fan.

This Batman fan is a USB fan and that means you can use it at home with a power adapter but you could choose to take a power bank and you can use this fan where ever you want.

This fan has a metal black frame with a yellow blade fan inside it and then the front shows the famous yellow and black Batman symbol.

I am sure that on a hot summer day you will enjoy owning this fun Batman fan as it can keep you cool all summer long.

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buy Batman Flashlight

Batman Flashlight

Now you can get your own Batman Flashlight so that you can see in the dark.

If you ever wonder what Batman does when it gets dark then you are in luck as you can get this flashlight that is something the real superhero would use.

The Batman flashlight is black with a bunch of yellow details and there is the Batman logo on it too and his name is on it too.

Your new flashlight runs on two AA batteries and has a string attached to it too so that you can hang it on things or just loop it around your hand so that you can’t drop it.

Bring light to the dark Batman style all thanks to this flashlight.

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buy Batman Journal With Bookmark

Batman Journal With Bookmark

Now you can have this cool looking Batman Journal.

The journal has a cool cover with a leather looking cover with the famous Batman logo and even the famous tool belt seems to part of the design.

Inside the journal, you will find some card slots and a string bookmark and then there acid-free lined paper so that you have lots of writing space. Take this journal to school, work, or at home and it will always be ready for your notetaking.

The Batman journal measures 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches making it the perfect size for easy use almost anywhere.

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buy Batman Logo Key Rack

Batman Logo Key Rack

If you are a Batman fan with lots of keys then check out this Batman Logo Key Rack.

This wooden key rack is just made to hand your coat and keys to your batmobile on.

The key rack is made from wood and is shaped like the famous bat symbol. The wooden rack is multiple layers so that it is strong and there are plenty of hooks for keys and jackets, bags, and more.

Just imagine having this in your hallway at home or the office it will look amazing and is a great conversation starter.

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