buy Q Posket Harley Quinn Figurine

Q Posket Harley Quinn Figurine

Now there is a cool Q Posket Harley Quinn Figurine.

The people from Banpresto did a great job creating a Harley Quinn figurine in their Q Posket series.

The figurine is 5 1/2 inches tall and Harley Quinn stands tall on a black base while she is wearing her Suicide Squad outfit complete with her bat.

The face of Harley Quinn may look a little bit more adorable than the real DC Comics villain. Harley Quinn has perfect skin with giant eyes and a sweet smile and that may be the way you like to see Harley Quinn and we all know her evil side will come out so just place her on a shelve like this for all to admire.

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buy Batman and Robing In Batmobile Pin Mate Toy

Batman and Robing In Batmobile Pin Mate Toy

If you are a Batman fan that likes cool items for you collection then you should check out this Batman and Robing In Batmobile Pin Mate toy.

The Pin Mate set is made from wood and comes with a blue batmobile that has the Batman symbol on the side and on the wheels and yes it does ride and inside the batmobile you of course find Batman and Robin and they are about 2 inches tall and come out so that you can play with it.

This Batman set is not really a toy for young kids as it is rated ages 14 and up and seems more like a collectible that will look really cool on a shelve in your home.

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buy Harley Quinn Figurine

Harley Quinn Figurine

If you like cool figures then you should check out this Harley Quinn figurine.

This figure is made by Rock Candy and is about 5.5 inches tall.

As you can see above Harley Quinn does not like we know her from the Suicide Squad movie but way cuter as she is wearing a red and black shirt and her legs are red and black and she wears some short blue shorts. And even her ponytails are red and blue making her just look amazing.

A figure like this is just something that would look amazing in your home or work as she just looks adorable.

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buy Harley Quinn Christmas Figurine

Harley Quinn Christmas Figurine

If you want Harley Quinn to be part of your Christmas then this Harley Quinn Christmas figurine is what you need.

This is a 10 inches tall figurine of a sexy looking Harley Quinn in an elf-like outfit but still with diamond shapes on it. And Harley Quinn is holding a big bag on her back that has Batman goodies in it so it looks like she may have robbed Batman.

The figuring is just one of those collector pieces that can hide 11 months of the year and to be on display the final month of the year.

Add this Harley Quinn figurine to your Christmas decorations and she will be a piece that keeps you happy for many years to come.

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buy Harley Quinn Metal Figurine

Harley Quinn Metal Figurine

If you want a figurine of Harley Quinn like you can see her in the movie Suicide Squad then this is the figurine you want.

The figurine from Metals Die Cast show Harley Quinn at her best complete with baseball bat and wearing her “Daddy’s lil monster” shirt and fun pony tails in her hair.

Harley Quinn is about 4 inch tall and made out of metal witch of course is much stronger then those plastic figurines and also a bit heavier as well.

Adding this Harley Quinn figurine to your collecting is something you won’t regret as she just looks amazing.

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buy Batman V Superman Figurine Of Batman

Batman V Superman Figurine Of Batman

Now you can have a Batman figurine that looks like Ben Affleck as Batman.

Yes this figurine is based on the movie Batman V Superman and the superhero in the box looks just like the one in the movie but then as interpreted by the people from Funko that made this Pop! toy.

The figurine of Batman is 3 3/4 inch tall just like most of the figures in the series and that makes it fun to add Batman to your figurine collection. And maybe you already have some Batman figurines made by Funko then you can see the whole range of how Batman evolved into this superhero.

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buy Metal Die Cast Batman Figurine

Metal Die Cast Batman Figurine

Always thought that Superman the man of steel was made of metal?

Think again because now there is the Batman figurine and it is made of metal.

This metal die cast figurine of Batman is 4 inch tall and based on the Batman from the movie Batman V Superman.

And this figurine can move at waist and neck so that you could even see him as a action figure.

The Batman figurine comes in a nice windowed box so that keep him in new condition if you prefer that for you collection but I would unpack Batman and play with him before finding it a nice home with the rest of the Batman collection.

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buy Robin Vinyl Idolz Figurine

Robin Vinyl Idolz Figurine

Now you can have your own boy wonder figurine. This 8 inch tall figurine of Robin looks just like he ran away from the 1966 series.

He is dressed in his green and red costume with yellow cape and even the green shoes and black eye mask are all there.

It’s fun to own a little version of Robin yourself specially if you are a Batman fan that likes it’s collection to have a little bit of everything.

The vinyl figurine of Robin is number 31 in the Vinyl Idolz series from Vinyl Sugar.

You will find Robin in a nice windowed box so that you can keep him new if you like.

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buy Batman vs Superman Battle Scene Statue

Batman vs Superman Battle Scene Statue

The epic battle unlike any other. Two superheroes put to the test against each other.

This is an amazing statue that features two of the DC Comics superheroes of Batman The Dark Knight and The Man Of Steel Superman.

Find each character in a superhero battle pose with a collision of power fighting on a platform of melted steel. It is very well deatiled and intricate using vibrant colors leaving no detail out.

Made from cold cast porcelain and is hand crafted and sculpted to perfection. Measures 11 inches tall x 11 inches wide x 9 inches deep and weighs 10 1/2 pounds.

Very high quality and durable t be that long lasting center piece of your DC Comics collection.

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buy The Joker Funko Pop! Figurine

The Joker Funko Pop! Figurine

There we have The Joker and this time he is only 3.75 inch tall as it is a figurine.

Made after The Joker in the Batman movie The Dark Knight this version of the Joker just looks a bit freaky but you kind of expect that from this Batman villain.

The Joker is number 36 in the Pop! Heroes series from Funko and he comes in his own windowed box so that you can keep him in new condition if you want. Of course placing this vinyl figurine on your desk or a shelve is way more fun.

I would say if you don’t have a Joker figurine then you just have to think about this one.

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