buy Kids Batman Bean Bag

Kids Batman Bean Bag

This Kids Batman Bean Bag is fun for kids and adults that like Batman.

It is not a giant bean bag you can really sit on but still a nice size for the kids as they can play with it sit on it, cuddle with it and maybe even play Batman and Robin with.

The Batman on the bag is the bead in 3D with the big eyes happy looking smile and his famous tool belt.

This Batman bean bag is fun for all ages and all Batman collectors.

Just imagine having this Batman staring at you and your friends from a corner of you living room.

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buy Batman Cuddle Pillow Buddy

Batman Cuddle Pillow Buddy

Kids are going to love this fun Batman Cuddle Pillow Buddy.

This is not a plush toy or a pillow it is a blend of both and that makes it great fun to play with or to cuddle with in bed.

The Batman buddy is 18 inches tall making it nice and big for little Batman fans.

It is great for many adventures your child wants to have with Batman and if you are an adult this Batman could be fun too as a pillow for on your couch or maybe in the car as he loves to go on road trips.

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buy Plush Bear The Looks Like Robin The Boy Wonder

Plush Bear The Looks Like Robin The Boy Wonder

If you like plush animals and superhero’s then why not get this bear that looks like Robin.

The bear is made by GUND and is called Robin Hardwin and looks just like Robin from Batman as he is wearing the same costume and mask and even has a yellow cape.

Kids and adults are going to love this Robing toy and it is rated ages 1 and up so just keep it away from the baby but besides that it is good to go.

If you want to play Batman then now you can have your own Robin by your side in the form of this adorable plush bear.

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buy 10 Inch Plush Batman

10 Inch Plush Batman

This plush Batman is based on the Batman we have seen in the movie Batman V Superman with the cool helmet and costume.

At 10 inch tall this Batman toy is smaller then the real Batman but also a way cooler sizes as you can take it almost anywhere and you can cuddle him and play with him together with your other plush toys.

Kids or Adults this Batman plush is just great fun just to have as part of your Batman collection and I am sure that he will look great just sitting on a chair in your home or as part of the stack of plush animals from your child.

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buy Fuzzy Plush Batman Bear

Fuzzy Plush Batman Bear

Never fear, Batman Bear is here! A Bat Bear? Oh he’s a fuzzy plush Batman Bear. Perfect for the Batman fan in your house.

Batman bear is a light brown colored bear with a cute dark brown nose. He has a light blue bat mask covering his face except for his little black eyes. This bat mask does have two pointy ears. Around his neck is a blue cape. Perfect! Then his little outfit is a grey top with the black and yellow bat symbol. He has his yellow utility belt and blue shorts. He is going to be loved no matter who has him in their arms.

This little bear is an officially licensed DC Comics product, so you know it is a good rendition of the original Batman. It is 12 inches tall, so it is a great size for any little one.

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buy Classic Batman Plush Teddy Bear

Classic Batman Plush Teddy Bear

Everybody loves a nice snuggly teddy bear to curl up with at night, watching a movie or to take on adventures and car trips, now you can do all that and show off your Batman love.

This is a very soft plush teddy bear that is brown with a super cute face and very huggable, the bear features a very fun and cool t-shirt that it is wearing.

The t-shirt the teddy bear is wearing is based after the classic Batman batsuit that has a grey torso and light blue sleeves along with a yellow and black Batman bat symbol on the front. On the back you will find a light blue cape turning this ordinary plush teddy bear into a DC Comics superhero bear.

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buy The Joker Plush Toy

The Joker Plush Toy

cute The Joker Plush

Is The Joker your favorite villain?

If so then you are in luck because now there is a plush version Batman villain number 1 The Joker.

This plus version of The Joker looks super cute in a mean way. Yes he has green hair and his famous purple suit and even the grin on his face seem authentic.

At 5 inch tall The Joker plush may not be as big as the real one but hey that also means he can only be partly as nasty as the real one.

Just imagine having this plush in your home, hanging out on the couch.

So now is the time to add some evil to your life with this The Joker Plush Toy.

buy Robin Plush Doll 1966 Version

Robin Plush Doll 1966 Version

Robin Plush Doll 1966 Version

When you think of DC Comic’s Batman, you can not help but think of his trusty side kick, Robin. Why else would they be called the Dynamic Duo?

This plush doll is inspired by Burt Ward who was in the 1966 version of Batman. He has his black eye mask and has his red and green suit on with a yellow cape. He also has his cute little green boots on.

This plush doll is 10 inches tall and is easy to have as a piece of memorabilia or to have to snuggle up to at night to keep the villains in your dreams away for good.

Get cozy and don’t be afraid to squeeze him tight, the Robin Plush Doll 1966 Version.

buy Harley Quinn Fabrikations Plush

Harley Quinn Fabrikations Plush

Batman - Harley Quinn Fabrikations Plush

Funko now after the successful Pop! Vinyl series now offers plush characters in their Fabrikations series.

And this is Harley Quinn as she is seen by many of us in the Batman stories.

This is a 6 inch tall plush version of Harley Quinn and that offers everything you expect from her. Of course the famous black and red costume and yes she even brought her hammer.

Now meant as a toy this Harley Quinn Fabrikations plush 06 is more a collectors item something you love to have sitting around and that is why they rate this plush at 14+.

If Harley Quinn is still missing in your Batman collection then why not start with this Harley Quinn Fabrikations Plush.

buy Batman Plush Fabrikations Plush

Batman Plush Fabrikations Plush

Batman Plush Fabrikations Plush

How about owning your own little Batman?

This 6 inch tall plush Batman can be yours and he can stand by himself and can even turn his head. And yes Batman looks like Batman should complete with cape and utility belt.

This plush character is made by the people from Funko in their range of Fabrikations character and Batman is number one but hey we knew that already.

And this Batman plush is not a toy for small kids and is advised for kids 14 and up.

Batman loves to be part of your collection and you don’t even have to unpack him as he comes in a cool display box.

Take the time to explore this Batman Plush Fabrikations Plush.