buy LEGO Batman And Penguin Face Off Set

LEGO Batman And Penguin Face Off Set

LEGO Batman And Penguin Face Off Set

DC Comics has many superheroes and super villains who engage in epic battles, one battle that we can all remember is Batman and The Penguin and now you can build and re-create it in the fun building blocks of LEGO.

This LEGO set features a Batman LEGO minifigure with the Batman scuba vehicle complete with 2 flick missiles, also you will get The Penguin LEGO minifigure and accessories of the harpoon, dynamite and umbrella also find The Penguin with his duck boat that has 2 flick missiles.

The DC Comics Superheroes LEGO set has a total of 136 peices to build and help Batman stop The Penguin from another ruthless crime.

Collect and play with the LEGO Batman And Penguin Face Off Set.

buy The Joker Plush Toy

The Joker Plush Toy

cute The Joker Plush

Is The Joker your favorite villain?

If so then you are in luck because now there is a plush version Batman villain number 1 The Joker.

This plus version of The Joker looks super cute in a mean way. Yes he has green hair and his famous purple suit and even the grin on his face seem authentic.

At 5 inch tall The Joker plush may not be as big as the real one but hey that also means he can only be partly as nasty as the real one.

Just imagine having this plush in your home, hanging out on the couch.

So now is the time to add some evil to your life with this The Joker Plush Toy.

buy LEGO Batman Batcave

LEGO Batman Batcave

LEGO Batman Batcave

This is pretty much the super coolest LEGO cave, it is a Batman batcave that has so much detail and accessories that your Batman minifigure will love it, this LEGO Batman batcave measures over 21 inches and features an elevator, holding cell, computer with screens and more.

Some of the LEGO accessories included is handcuffs, binoculars and weapons, you will also get some of the superhero and villains sweet rides like Banees drill tank and the Batcycle.

Also included is some cool minifigures of DC Comic superheroes and villains, Included is: Bruce Wayne, Batman, Robin, Poison Ivy and Bane.

Assemble, collect and play with the DC Comics LEGO Batman Batcave.

buy Robin Plush Doll 1966 Version

Robin Plush Doll 1966 Version

Robin Plush Doll 1966 Version

When you think of DC Comic’s Batman, you can not help but think of his trusty side kick, Robin. Why else would they be called the Dynamic Duo?

This plush doll is inspired by Burt Ward who was in the 1966 version of Batman. He has his black eye mask and has his red and green suit on with a yellow cape. He also has his cute little green boots on.

This plush doll is 10 inches tall and is easy to have as a piece of memorabilia or to have to snuggle up to at night to keep the villains in your dreams away for good.

Get cozy and don’t be afraid to squeeze him tight, the Robin Plush Doll 1966 Version.

buy Batman 1966 TV Series Action Figure

Batman 1966 TV Series Action Figure

Batman 1966 TV Series Figurine

Adam West the original Batman from the 1966 tv series is among the most favorite Batmans ever, if your are looking to have the best commemorative action figure then you have found it.

Wearing the classic bat suit from 1966 this Batman action figure also includes dark purple cape, yellow utility belt, dark purple forearm gloves, dark purple boots and the weapons are a big bomb, batarang and shark repellent spray.

This amazingly crafted Batman action figure stands 11 3/4-inches tall and it is made at a 1:6 Scale, other than the insane amount of accessories and clothing this action figure also has 30 points of articulation.

Collect history with the Batman 1966 TV Series Action Figure.

buy DC Comics Classic Batman Mr. Potato Head

DC Comics Classic Batman Mr. Potato Head

DC Comics Classic Batman Mr. Potato Head


Take your favorite DC Comics superhero the classic Batman and put him together with the classic Mr. Potato Head, you end up with this amazing toy collectors item.

This Mr. Potato Head features the classic Batman superhero suit, find the grey and light blue colors of the original bat suit along with blue boots and a blue mask with one arm holding a yellow bat symbol.

This Batman stands 6 inches tall and has all the regular sized Mr. Potato Head accessories, so mix and match with other super cool potatoes.

Collectors will find this awesome, the classic Batman Mr. Potato Head comes in window box packaging so you can put your keepsake on display and keep it in mint condition.

Show off your DC Comics Classic Batman Mr. Potato Head.