buy Giant Batman Action Figure

Giant Batman Action Figure

Now you can own a Giant Batman Action Figure.

We all know these action figure that are like maybe 5 inches tall but if you want something special then you should check out this Batman action figure as it is more than 48 inches tall.

The Batman figure even has a cloth cape and he can move his arms too. And then there is the Batman symbol on his chest that can be a night light but also works as a projector of the famous bat symbol.

Kids ages 3 and up can enjoy this amazing Batman figurine that is just the perfect size to stand around in your home.

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buy Metal Die Cast Batman Figurine

Metal Die Cast Batman Figurine

Always thought that Superman the man of steel was made of metal?

Think again because now there is the Batman figurine and it is made of metal.

This metal die cast figurine of Batman is 4 inch tall and based on the Batman from the movie Batman V Superman.

And this figurine can move at waist and neck so that you could even see him as a action figure.

The Batman figurine comes in a nice windowed box so that keep him in new condition if you prefer that for you collection but I would unpack Batman and play with him before finding it a nice home with the rest of the Batman collection.

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buy Batman And Jetpack Toy Set

Batman And Jetpack Toy Set

If your little one loves their superhero Batman, then this it the next best toy for them. It is Batman And his Jetpack. They are really going to love it!

The two pieces of this toy set are a DC Comics Batman action figure and a Batman jetpack. Batman is wearing his black outfit with the black and yellow bat symbol and his yellow utility belt. Batman’s jetpack is yellow and black too. It is so cool. The jets turn to make sure Batman is flying over Gotham City in the right direction.

Brought to you by Fisher Price Imaginext, you know it is going to be a great addition to your little one’s toy collection. DC Comics Batman would probably buy this for his little one if he had one. It comes in two pieces and is recommended for those older than 3.

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buy Arkham Knight Batman Action Figure

Arkham Knight Batman Action Figure

A Batman collector will love to take a closer look at this action figure.

This DC Comics action figure looks just like the Batman superhero from the amazing video game of Batman: Arkham Knight, find an all black superhero suit with an all black utility belt and yes an all black Batman bat logo on the front chest.

With so much attention to detail this is a high quality Batman action figure that stands over 18 inches tall and has over 25 points of articulation so you can pose Batman in any Arkham Knight pose you want.

Includes many accesories like the Batman batarang, grapnel gun and the cape is made from a very nice fabric, also for the serious collector looking to keep their Batman: Arkham Knight action figure in mint condition it comes in a special window box package.

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buy DC Collectibles The New Batman

DC Collectibles The New Batman

DC Collectibles The New Batman Action Figure

Now there is the Batman action figure you have been waiting for.

This Batman action figurine come from the DC Collectibles series and stands 6.25 inch tall.

As you can see on the picture Batman has amazing details and his grey suit and black cape really work magic on this figurine.

And Batman comes with multiple accessories to make it even better. Sure you can play with Batman but the superhero is just as happy just standing around watching what you are doing all day.

True Batman collectors of course need this figure in their collection.

Don’t wait come get your DC Collectibles The New Batman Action Figure.

buy The Penguin Action Figure

The Penguin Action Figure

The Penguin Action Figure

In the 1992 Batman Returns movie, Batman is matched up with Oswald Cobblepot, better known as The Penguin. Now you can have Penguin on display for all your friends to see.

DC Comics Penguin villain has been interpreted in many ways, but this might be the best version. He wears a fake fur coat and a top hat, black boots, and dirty, holy long underwear. He has such a scary look on his face and the way his fingers are webbed you are sure to have some nightmares.

Made by National Entertainment Collectibles, this fully poseable figurine stands at a large 15 inches tall. It is made in 1/4 scale and features such an amazing likeness to Danny DeVito. The accessories are removable, like the top hat, faux fur coat and umbrella accessories.

Get a piece of the Batman movies history with The Penguin Action Figure.

buy Batman And Robin Aardman Figurine Set

Batman And Robin Aardman Figurine Set

Batman And Robin Aardman Figurine Set

Now there is an amazing Batman and Robin figurine set made by the Aardman people.

So this is an officially licensed set of Batman and Robin but these Batman and Robin are made by the people behind Wallace and Gromit and that means that the looks a lot different.

The look like clay figures and Robin is 9.8 inch tall and Batman is 7 inch tall. Batman seem to be a bit chubby to and that while Robin seems really skinny.

Sure Batman and Robin do not look like we know them from the comics and movies but they do look real fun and that makes them a great addition to your superhero collection.

Come take a closer look at this Batman And Robin Aardman Figurine Set.

buy Batman 1966 TV Series Action Figure

Batman 1966 TV Series Action Figure

Batman 1966 TV Series Figurine

Adam West the original Batman from the 1966 tv series is among the most favorite Batmans ever, if your are looking to have the best commemorative action figure then you have found it.

Wearing the classic bat suit from 1966 this Batman action figure also includes dark purple cape, yellow utility belt, dark purple forearm gloves, dark purple boots and the weapons are a big bomb, batarang and shark repellent spray.

This amazingly crafted Batman action figure stands 11 3/4-inches tall and it is made at a 1:6 Scale, other than the insane amount of accessories and clothing this action figure also has 30 points of articulation.

Collect history with the Batman 1966 TV Series Action Figure.