buy Harley Quinn Figure Air Freshener

Harley Quinn Figure Air Freshener

This badass female Villain is No Joke! Harley Quinn’s anarchy and charm are fully present in the lovely vanilla scent that comes with her licensed iconic car air freshener! The scent of this woman beats “new car smell” hands down!

Featuring a cool graphic of Harley, approx 7 inches tall, 3 inches wide, with it’s delicious “Vanilla” scent, this item will provide a “tweak of cool” to any ride, an amazing value and a whack of fun!!

No one is fully immune to her charm, not even the Bat himself, and you can have this lovely vixen hanging from your mirror today! Forget fuzzy dice or boring pine-trees! This gal is da bomb! This car accessory brings the cool.

Give a gift to yourself, give a surprise to a good friend, give a little bit of love the Harley Quinn way! You won’t regret it! It serves a purpose of sweet aroma, and it is just plain awesome in it’s visual appeal! The entire freshener graphic is Harley Quinn standing dynamically in her iconic Red and Black alternating pattern jester jump-suit! This ultra cool accessory swing will freely from your car’s rear view mirror, catching the eye for all those who appreciate greatness!

What you waiting for??!! This wild woman wants to ride in the front of your car!!

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buy Caped Batman Cufflinks

Caped Batman Cufflinks

Fellows! If you want the advantage in being ridiculously good looking.. or if it’s your turn up to bat to gift your groomsmen.. they will look perfectly sharp sporting these DC approved, Batman cape silhouette silver cufflinks! Great to add a splash of geek chic to any fancy affair!

The clean shape of this jewelry (the outline of the Bat’s majestic cape) looks so great, even a blind person could feel their power!

With a fixed back closure (the DC comics logo) they will not fall off, and they are a sturdy build composed of rhodium plated (a rare hard metal being member of the platinum group) base metal with enamel.

Subtly flaunt your dark capricious alter ego and look great doing it!

Girls will come a running just as fast as they can when you add this paired Batman accessory to your sharp dressed plan.

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buy Running Batman Women’s Panties

Running Batman Women’s Panties

Hey, Ladies! Batman underwear is here!

How fun would it be to have a pair of Batman panties? Wait no longer, your tall Dark Knight has arrived, and is ready to protect all that is good!

The perfect blend 95% cotton and 5% spandex means it will breathe comfortably and keep a great shape!

The panties sport a great image of the gray and blue caped crusader running down the Gotham cityscape on the front. The fanny side has the continued Gotham panorama with the yellow and black Bat Signal emblazoned in the sky!

Get your Bat on! Close and personal! It will be part of your secret identity. Who you choose to let in on the secret it up to you! This pair will make your day, and possibly someone else’s too. Sized Small to XL.

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buy Batman Mask with Voice Disguiser

Batman Mask with Voice Disguiser

This is one cool and functional Batman Mask!

Ever want to command the presence of “the Bat”!? Mattel has been licensed by DC to bring that power to you, with this amazing Batman Mask! A voice changer will make you sound like the Dark Knight, emanating from a speaker embedded in the top front of the mask!

Who are you? “I AM BATMAN” – these three words have scared the fear of overdue justice in criminals the world over. Now you can deliver this sensation to loved ones and frenemies alike!

Great for true DC fans, and perfect for your friends or as a gift to yourself, this unique item is priced in a range that makes it available for you today. It is styled similar to Frank Miller’s rendition of Batman as recreated in the movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Its plastic molding is true to the iconic visage of the caped crusader.

While we don’t recommend you using it for phone pranks, when asking people about their favorite scary movies, the gag usages for this awesome item are as endless as one’s imagination. Is a joke the opposite side of the Batman coin? You make that call, it’s your dime!

Pick one up today! The world isn’t gonna save itself!

Get your Batman Mask with Voice Disguiser

buy Harley Quinn Sublimation Print Hat

Harley Quinn Sublimation Print Hat

Holy Headgear Batgirls! Your beloved villainess Harley Quinn has her own baseball cap that puts the fun in functional! But really, it’s all about cool fashion. Looks killer with or without a pony tail.

Ms. Quinn gets what she wants, whether it’s in partnership with the Joker (“Mistah J”, her puddin’!) or in league with the Suicide Squad, she has method to her madness. And this cap cap-tures all of her manic awesomeness, with 360 degrees of comic printing on the 100 polyester full adjustable snapback hat. One size fits all on this beautiful accessory.

The front of this sassy cap has the Batman logo on in, that has the Harley Quinn diamonds worked into it. Harley is illustrated in various scenes throughout, wielding both real heat, and toy weapons and guns, as she is wont to do!

You, your gf or your bff who is geek chic will look smashing in this awesome Harley Quinn Cap. If Batman is somewhat of an anti-hero, then you can triple neg the heroine and wear this hat with badass girl power pride.

Get your Harley Quinn Sublimation Print Hat

buy Action Batman Backpack

Action Batman Backpack

Action Batman Backpack

You’re like a superhero that relies on your wits, natural abilities, and technology! In that regard you are like the Batman! And now you can keep all of your accessories together in this sublimated Batpack, err Backpack!

Measuring 18″ x 4″ x 12″ you will have plenty of room for transporting whatever you need to port, an with great style. Sublimation refers to the direct ink to material printing process that uses advance thermal transfer to achieve graphic greatness, not possible before using older methods. The colors pop on this bag and the Dark Knight comes to life on the (literal) canvas of this canvas knapsack!

Perfectly set up to haul your gear, the bag has a pocket in front, a media pocket on top, secret pockets in the back, as well as a laptop compartment inside (11.5 x 12′) , as well as a separate tablet slot, and additional pocket inside! Holy shite in order Batman! That is smart organization and a well designed backpack! All Jokers aside.

Get your backpack give your gear a home! Pick up your own High Resolution Sublimated Batman Backpack.

buy Batman Sublimated Arkham Knight T-Shirt

Batman Sublimated Arkham Knight T-Shirt

Batman Sublimated Arkham Knight T-Shirt

Holy Arkham Knight awesomeness! This shirt represents you, as you become the Batman, in the mind bendingly epic fourth generation game by Rocksteady and Warner Brothers.

How cool is it to have the imagery from the game sublimated directly onto the shirt, using a heat and ink process that binds the picture to the material much better than prior standard ink jet transfer process, a technology that ensures a greater durability and longevity for the shirt. Sublimation is the future of graphic t-shirt creation.

Get your perfect fit choose from Small – 3XL.

Jumping jumpsuits, beeping batmobiles! The new game is the bomb the way it’s completely open sandbox, and now when you fully experience simulation with both character and car, this shirt is what you want to be wearing to increase your total immersion! Embed the Bat into your own personal style. Because, fun.

Front and back printed, with the Caped Crusader on the front, directly above the Batmobile in all it’s glory. The reverse of the t-shirt shows Gotham, and the Arkham Knight / Batman licensed logos.

Bring it all together. Soon you’ll be cruising with Cat Woman, Robin and NIghtwing, taking down the Penguin, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Two-Face and the like! Live the dream with this Epic Front and Back Arkham Knight Gamer T-Shirt.

buy DC Q-Pop Batman Figurine

DC Q-Pop Batman Figurine

DC Q-Pop Batman Figurine Whiteboard

Batman complete with a Bat-a-rang! He’s all action! Well now this quiet justice-maker can be a man of words too, with the fun “white board” feature of this 3 1/2″ tall PVC character with stand. This cute rendition of the cartoon caped crusader  has a wipeable “talk bubble” (and included whiteboard marker) which will allow you to literally put words into his mouth! Well, into his word bubble at least!

Sometimes a cartoon frame is the best way to get a simple message across! A picture with words is worth a thousand plus words! Leave surprise messages for your loved ones (or cautious reminders for your frenemy room-mates! “I wouldn’t take the last slice of pizza, if I were you..!”)!

The mystery of the best DC Q-Pop gift to get has been solved.. This compact sized Batman replica answers the riddle with humor and a coy sense of wit.

Got Gotham fever? Get a Batman Q-Pop Talk-Bubble Figurine.

buy Harley Quinn Wallet

Harley Quinn Wallet

Harley Quinn BiFold Wallet

Huzzah!! Harley Quinn is the Queen of the DC Universe in our minds! Bringing the crazy and the fun, and now, the cold green cash too! That’s right, now you can have the lovely (and deadly) Ms. Quinn, in her full colored sassiness, holding your cash and cards with this gorgeous sublimated bi-fold wallet!

Made from PVC and nylon, this flexible/durable men’s wallet keeps important things close at hand, or in pocket. Harley has her hands on a weapon which you can see when you look at the back of this billfold (or when unfolding it). It’s true what the gag pistol proclaims! Ms. Quinn brings the bang for your buck!

Accessorize yourself by getting this wild card licensed DC HQ collectible cash carrier. She is not just the Joker’s gal.. she does what she wants!

Get your hands on your own Harley Quinn Sublimated Wallet.

buy Batman Arkman Knight T-Shirt

Batman Arkman Knight T-Shirt

men's Batman Arkman Knight T-Shirt

Every night is alright when you roll with the Arkham Knight! In a world, where there is so much shadow, what if a person could use a shadowy environment to their advantage? This is an oft-forgot method of martial artistry – using not just an adversary’s own body and movement against them, but extending this notion to include their complete environment!

Our favourite caped crusader Batman, is the true prince of the night, and unlike Dracula, or other bat-heads, he takes darkness and puts it to good use for crime fighting tactics to improve this world in which we live. This official “Arkham Knight” Logo t-shirt fully represents the trademark style of the Batman! To the point with a signature sharp edge Bat icon, the words Batman and Arkham Knight fly the banner of this mysterious protector of innocents.

Your exact size is available, from Small – 3XL. This high style casual shirt is made from 100% cotton.

Bend darkness for all the right reasons. Get your own Batman Arkham Knight T-Shirt.