buy Batman Mask with Voice Disguiser

Batman Mask with Voice Disguiser

Batman Mask with Voice Disguiser

This is one cool and functional Batman Mask!

Ever want to command the presence of “the Bat”!? Mattel has been licensed by DC to bring that power to you, with this amazing Batman Mask! A voice changer will make you sound like the Dark Knight, emanating from a speaker embedded in the top front of the mask!

Who are you? “I AM BATMAN” – these three words have scared the fear of overdue justice in criminals the world over. Now you can deliver this sensation to loved ones and frenemies alike!

Great for true DC fans, and perfect for your friends or as a gift to yourself, this unique item is priced in a range that makes it available for you today. It is styled similar to Frank Miller’s rendition of Batman as recreated in the movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Its plastic molding is true to the iconic visage of the caped crusader.

While we don’t recommend you using it for phone pranks, when asking people about their favorite scary movies, the gag usages for this awesome item are as endless as one’s imagination. Is a joke the opposite side of the Batman coin? You make that call, it’s your dime!

Pick one up today! The world isn’t gonna save itself!

Get your Batman Mask with Voice Disguiser

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