buy Harley Quinn Figure Air Freshener

Harley Quinn Figure Air Freshener

Harley Quinn Figure Air Freshener

This badass female Villain is No Joke! Harley Quinn’s anarchy and charm are fully present in the lovely vanilla scent that comes with her licensed iconic car air freshener! The scent of this woman beats “new car smell” hands down!

Featuring a cool graphic of Harley, approx 7 inches tall, 3 inches wide, with it’s delicious “Vanilla” scent, this item will provide a “tweak of cool” to any ride, an amazing value and a whack of fun!!

No one is fully immune to her charm, not even the Bat himself, and you can have this lovely vixen hanging from your mirror today! Forget fuzzy dice or boring pine-trees! This gal is da bomb! This car accessory brings the cool.

Give a gift to yourself, give a surprise to a good friend, give a little bit of love the Harley Quinn way! You won’t regret it! It serves a purpose of sweet aroma, and it is just plain awesome in it’s visual appeal! The entire freshener graphic is Harley Quinn standing dynamically in her iconic Red and Black alternating pattern jester jump-suit! This ultra cool accessory swing will freely from your car’s rear view mirror, catching the eye for all those who appreciate greatness!

What you waiting for??!! This wild woman wants to ride in the front of your car!!

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