buy Running Batman Women’s Panties

Running Batman Women’s Panties

Running Batman Women's Panties

Hey, Ladies! Batman underwear is here!

How fun would it be to have a pair of Batman panties? Wait no longer, your tall Dark Knight has arrived, and is ready to protect all that is good!

The perfect blend 95% cotton and 5% spandex means it will breathe comfortably and keep a great shape!

The panties sport a great image of the gray and blue caped crusader running down the Gotham cityscape on the front. The fanny side has the continued Gotham panorama with the yellow and black Bat Signal emblazoned in the sky!

Get your Bat on! Close and personal! It will be part of your secret identity. Who you choose to let in on the secret it up to you! This pair will make your day, and possibly someone else’s too. Sized Small to XL.

Get your Running Batman Women’s Panties

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