buy Bruce And Harley Quinn Convertible Bag

Bruce And Harley Quinn Convertible Bag

Now there is this cool Bruce And Harley Quinn Convertible Bag that is based on the Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey movie.

The bag is white with on it the design we have seen on her shirt in the movie and it also has a bone shaped pendant that says “Bruce” on it as that is the name of Harley Quinn’s pet hyena.

And the Harley Quinn bag has red straps that you can use to make it into a mini backpack or a crossbody bag.

Two bags for the price of one and both versions are just really useful and look amazing.

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buy Batman Harness Style Backpack

Batman Harness Style Backpack

Now there is nice Batman harness style backpack.

The Batman backpack is not a bag that screams Batman but it clearly is to fans of the Dark Knight like you.

The backpack on the outside looks like of like a harness made with lots of dark colors like black, purple and then there is yellow to  and the Batman logo in black on top of it.

And this Batman backpack is 18 x 12 x 5.25 inches making it nice and big and perfect for back to school and the office. The backpack is yellow on the inside with lots of space to store you stuff including you computer as there is a build in laptop sleeve in the backpack.

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buy LEGO Batman Backpack

LEGO Batman Backpack

If LEGO Batman is you favorite and you need a new backpack then you just have to get this LEGO Batman backpack.

The backpack is 16 x 12 x 4.5 inches making it perfect for school or work backpack but you can take it on many adventures. And the Batman backpack has reflective details so that even in the dark people will be able to see you.

The LEGO Batman backpack has two compartments and meshes side pockets so that there is plenty of space to organize your stuff and you can have your water bottle outside in the side pocket.

On the backpack, you will find many images of LEGO Batman and even the padded adjustable straps have Batman on them.

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buy Batman Comic Style Backpack

Batman Comic Style Backpack

If you are a Batman fan in need of a backpack then this Batman comic style backpack is something for you to look at.

This backpack is great for both kids and adults and has black adjustable straps.

The Batman backpack is black and white and has many yellow details on it too. On the bag you can see many comic details and as expected the Batman logo.

At 16.25 x 12.5 x 4 inches this backpack is just perfect for school, work, and other adventures.

If you are looking for a back to school backpack or a bag to go to Comic Con then this Batman backpack is what you need.

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buy Batman Arkham Night Logo Backpack

Batman Arkham Night Logo Backpack

This Batman backpack is great looking and classy.

The backpack is black on the bottom half and the top half is grey with on it a dripping bat symbol.

Bases on Arkham Nights this backpack is just special.

The Batman backpack is 20 x 13 x 5 inches and has many pockets and that makes it perfect for school, work and any other superhero adventures.

And the padded black straps are comfortable to use and adjustable in sizes (they are 32 inches in length).

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buy Knapsack Style Batman Backpack

Knapsack Style Batman Backpack

If you are looking for a great Batman backpack that you can use for many things then this is the bag you want to look at.

This Batman backpack is the knapsack style and is black with on the front two grey pockets that make it kinda look like Batman’s utility belt. And on top of the backpack you find the famous Batman symbol in yellow and black.

With a size of 14 x 12 x 2 inch the backpack is plenty big for school, work and fun times.

Just wear this backpack around and I know that other Batman fans will look at it like the want one to.

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buy Batman Reversible Backpack

Batman Reversible Backpack

DC Comics Batman is a man of two personalities, Bruce Wayne and the superhero Batman. Now you can get a backpack with dual personalities as well.

One side of this Batman reversible backpack is completely black except for the shimmering gold bat logo on the very front of the backpack. When you choose to reverse the backpack, you now have an amazing comic patterned print. It is black, white and yellow all over with your favorite caped crusader plastered all over it.

This Batman backpack measures approximately 12 inches by 16 inches by 5 inches. It is made from polyester and polyurethane for durability. The shoulder straps are detachable in order to make your reversible backpack reverse in a snap. There are 2 front pockets on the black side and one large front pocket on the comic side.

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buy Batman Mask Drawstring Backpack

Batman Mask Drawstring Backpack

Backpacks come in many shapes and styles and this time we will show you a Batman drawstring backpack.

This backpack is yellow with black strings and details and on that big yellow canvas you can see the famous mask of Batman.

This Batman backpack is great for everyday use and can be used to store so many things. Maybe you can put your gym clothes in it or you shopping at the mall.

A backpack like this of course will be a hit with all the fans of The Dark Knight and if you are one of them then what are you waiting for.

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buy The Dark Knight Drawstring Backpack

The Dark Knight Drawstring Backpack

This Batman backpack is just perfect for the fans in need of an amazing looking bag that is super useful.

This drawstring backpack is black and in a dark grey you can see a worn looking image of Batman from the chest up at an angle and that just looks stunning. Just duo tones no other colors really makes this bag come to life.

And the Batman image can be found on both sides of the bag.

Gym clothes, books or maybe some shopping this backpack is perfect and when not in use you just fold it and it doesn’t take much space.

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buy The Joker Why So Serious Drawstring Backpack

The Joker Why So Serious Drawstring Backpack

This is an all white bag that is outlined with some black and features the devious look of DC Comics super villain The Joker. Find black eyes a nose and the big red smile along with a red smeared saying of “Why So Serious?”.

The bag is made from high quality 100% wooven polyester fabric that will be very durable. It features metal grommets to last a long time and large soft drawcords that will be really comfortable on the shoulders.

With many uses for the bag it can easily go over one shoulder or use two as a backpack. Put in all your personals, books, gym clothes and more while also showing off your love for The Joker.

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