buy Caped Batman Cufflinks

Caped Batman Cufflinks

Fellows! If you want the advantage in being ridiculously good looking.. or if it’s your turn up to bat to gift your groomsmen.. they will look perfectly sharp sporting these DC approved, Batman cape silhouette silver cufflinks! Great to add a splash of geek chic to any fancy affair!

The clean shape of this jewelry (the outline of the Bat’s majestic cape) looks so great, even a blind person could feel their power!

With a fixed back closure (the DC comics logo) they will not fall off, and they are a sturdy build composed of rhodium plated (a rare hard metal being member of the platinum group) base metal with enamel.

Subtly flaunt your dark capricious alter ego and look great doing it!

Girls will come a running just as fast as they can when you add this paired Batman accessory to your sharp dressed plan.

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buy Batmobile Cufflinks

Batmobile Cufflinks

DC Comics Batmobile Cufflinks

Discerning lovers of Gotham: these officially licensed DC Comics Batmobile cufflinks will accentuate your style, and add a level of true fan authenticity and detail to your wardrobe.

Imagine the effect this pair of Batman inspired manly links would have when they are casually discovered during whichever encounter you chose to reserve them for. Whether to a balance of heroic and mild mannered flair to otherwise overly buttoned down stuffiness, or a nod of measured playfulness towards those worthy of friendship, this gorgeous Batmobile set for men hits all the right notes. These detailed original two-seated iconic Batmobile cufflinks have a fixed DC comic logo back closure.

Matte black and plated with enamal, the overall weight is approximately 0.2 lbs. Deliver your personal style with class and in a manner all your own.

Time to get dressed and wear someĀ Batmobile Cufflinks.