buy 2020 Batman 80 years Wall Calendar

2020 Batman 80 years Wall Calendar

DC Comics have been around for a very long time and now you can honour them with a fun and unique 2020 Batman 80 years wall calendar.

This is an awesome wall calendar that features the DC Comics Batman series and a tribute to 80 years. On each page you will see a full color image of a classic Batman comic scene right from the comics books.

Each month the calendar has all major and significant dates and events already printed. There is lots of room on each day to add your own important dates like birthdays, appointments or holidays.

The DC Comics Batman wall calendar also features two 8 inch x 10 inch prints and all comes inside a collectors gift box.

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buy 2020 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar

2020 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar

2020 can start now because there now is the 2020 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar.

Anyone that loves Batman and LEGO just deserve to have this calendar.

The calendar will bring you a new amazing photo every month and it could be Batman as a LEGO figure but it could be The Joker or anyone else from the LEGO Batman movie.

The Batman calendar also has a great calendar grid that can be used to write your important thing on like the birthdays of all your friends and it also already has the major holidays filled out so that you know when things happen.

Get your 2020 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar