buy 2019 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar

2019 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar

Now there is a 2019 LEGO Batman Wall Calendar.

Not only can you have a cool Batman calendar this is also a fun LEGO calendar all in one and that can make 2019 a lot more fun.

The wall calendar will bring a new LEGO Batman images that can bring things like the Batmobile but there is way more.

And the great LEGO set on the month’s page have a fun background color that goes to the calendar grid below it and that grid has plenty of room for your appointment and important days and major holidays are filled out for your too.

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buy 2019 Harley Quinn Wall Calendar

2019 Harley Quinn Wall Calendar

How about this 2019 Harley Quinn Wall Calendar for on your wall?

The Harley Quinn calendar has lots of nice photo’s from the Suicide Squad movie and most of them just have Harley Quinn on it but you will also find The Joker making his appearance on this calendar.

Even the calendar grid is designed to remind you of Harley Quinn and it offers lots of space for important notes and appointments and that while the major holidays are already filled out for you.

A wall calendar like this makes for a fun present for a fan of Harley Quinn and will look great on almost any wall.

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