buy Harley Quinn Fabrikations Plush

Harley Quinn Fabrikations Plush

Batman - Harley Quinn Fabrikations Plush

Funko now after the successful Pop! Vinyl series now offers plush characters in their Fabrikations series.

And this is Harley Quinn as she is seen by many of us in the Batman stories.

This is a 6 inch tall plush version of Harley Quinn and that offers everything you expect from her. Of course the famous black and red costume and yes she even brought her hammer.

Now meant as a toy this Harley Quinn Fabrikations plush 06 is more a collectors item something you love to have sitting around and that is why they rate this plush at 14+.

If Harley Quinn is still missing in your Batman collection then why not start with this Harley Quinn Fabrikations Plush.

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