buy Fuzzy Plush Batman Bear

Fuzzy Plush Batman Bear

Fuzzy Plush Batman Bear

Never fear, Batman Bear is here! A Bat Bear? Oh he’s a fuzzy plush Batman Bear. Perfect for the Batman fan in your house.

Batman bear is a light brown colored bear with a cute dark brown nose. He has a light blue bat mask covering his face except for his little black eyes. This bat mask does have two pointy ears. Around his neck is a blue cape. Perfect! Then his little outfit is a grey top with the black and yellow bat symbol. He has his yellow utility belt and blue shorts. He is going to be loved no matter who has him in their arms.

This little bear is an officially licensed DC Comics product, so you know it is a good rendition of the original Batman. It is 12 inches tall, so it is a great size for any little one.

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