buy Batman 8 Bit Funko Pop Figurine

Batman 8 Bit Funko Pop Figurine

DC Comics has many awesome superheroes and now you can get this fun Batman 8 Bit Funko POP! Figurine. Perfect to display and keep in mint condition.

This Funko POP! features a unique look to it as it is done as pixel art. The figure is DC Comics caped crusader of the superhero Batman. Find Batman standing tall with a blue and bright blue tone and a large Batman bat symbol on his chest.

Made to be durable and look really good from vinyl this is a Funko POP! 8 Bit Series of DC Superheroes #01 Batman. The 8 bit Batman stands a total of 3 3/4 inches tall and features a window box packaging.

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buy Funko POP Rides 1950 Batmobile Figurine

Funko POP Rides 1950 Batmobile Figurine

If you are a fan of Batman then commemorate the 80 years of Batman with a super cool Funko POP! Rides 1950 batmobile figurine.

This is a figure that is based after the 1950 Batman series and is made to commemorate the 80 years of DC Comics Batman. Find a greatly detailed 1950’s Batmobile with a Batman sitting inside driving it. The car is all black while the Batman inside has on the classic blue Batman bat superhero suit.

Made by a trusted name of quality Funko POP! this vinyl figurine is part of the Rides series and is number 277. It is also part of the Batman 80 years series with a tittle of 1950 Batmobile.

The 1950 Batmobile figure also comes in a collectors window box packager perfect to keep in mint condition while also being able to display it.

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buy Harley Quinn Figurine

Harley Quinn Figurine

If you like cool figures then you should check out this Harley Quinn figurine.

This figure is made by Rock Candy and is about 5.5 inches tall.

As you can see above Harley Quinn does not like we know her from the Suicide Squad movie but way cuter as she is wearing a red and black shirt and her legs are red and black and she wears some short blue shorts. And even her ponytails are red and blue making her just look amazing.

A figure like this is just something that would look amazing in your home or work as she just looks adorable.

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buy Batman Pop! String Lights

Batman Pop! String Lights

Now you can have Batman party lights or you can use them as Christmas lights too.

This string light has Batman heads on them and these are not just the head of the normal Batman from the movie, these are the head of Batman as it looks on the Funko Pop! figurine.

The string is just perfect as now Batman can bring light to the dark while looking fun and amazing.

Besides, in the Christmas tree, this string light is just fun for room decoration or as lights for a Batman themed party.

So let the Dark Knight bring light to you in the form of a string light.

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buy Batman Pop Pen Topper Set

Batman Pop Pen Topper Set

We can all try to go digital but with this set of Batman pens, it is hard as they are just amazing.

These are Funko Pop pencil topper pens and they come in a pack of 4.

The pens show the classic Batman characters and you will find Batman, Robin, Harley Quinn, and The Joker in the set. Each character sits on top of its own pen that has their name on them and has a cap that prevents it from leaking.

Just use these cool pens at school, the office, and at home and everyone will know that the Batman comics are on your mind.

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buy Batman V Superman Figurine Of Batman

Batman V Superman Figurine Of Batman

Now you can have a Batman figurine that looks like Ben Affleck as Batman.

Yes this figurine is based on the movie Batman V Superman and the superhero in the box looks just like the one in the movie but then as interpreted by the people from Funko that made this Pop! toy.

The figurine of Batman is 3 3/4 inch tall just like most of the figures in the series and that makes it fun to add Batman to your figurine collection. And maybe you already have some Batman figurines made by Funko then you can see the whole range of how Batman evolved into this superhero.

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buy Batman Character Lamp

Batman Character Lamp

Now you can have Batman bring light to your life.

This 12 inch tall lamp looks like a chubby but cute Batman that looks like he is committed to the task of bringing light in your home.

Just put a bulb in and plug it and and Batman will bring you light.

The Batman character lamp is made from plastic so even a kids room could be a great spot for it but hey then you may have to share it with your child.

A lamp like this is also great for next to your comic reading chair because then you know for sure that Batman is there for you.

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buy The Joker Funko Pop! Figurine

The Joker Funko Pop! Figurine

There we have The Joker and this time he is only 3.75 inch tall as it is a figurine.

Made after The Joker in the Batman movie The Dark Knight this version of the Joker just looks a bit freaky but you kind of expect that from this Batman villain.

The Joker is number 36 in the Pop! Heroes series from Funko and he comes in his own windowed box so that you can keep him in new condition if you want. Of course placing this vinyl figurine on your desk or a shelve is way more fun.

I would say if you don’t have a Joker figurine then you just have to think about this one.

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buy Batman Pocket Pop! Keychain

Batman Pocket Pop! Keychain

Funko Batman Pocket Pop! Key Chain

Do you want Batman by your side for when you need a real superhero?

Now you can have this 1 1/2 inch tall key chain that looks like Batman. This key chain from the Funko Pocket Pop! keychain series is just super cute and even comes in a special windowed box so that true collectors can keep it in new condition.

The Batman key chain has a key ring but also a clip so that you can choose to use it for other things besides living with you keys.

At this little Batman to your life and you will have a smile every time you look at this Funko Batman Pocket Pop! Key Chain.

buy Harley Quinn Fabrikations Plush

Harley Quinn Fabrikations Plush

Batman - Harley Quinn Fabrikations Plush

Funko now after the successful Pop! Vinyl series now offers plush characters in their Fabrikations series.

And this is Harley Quinn as she is seen by many of us in the Batman stories.

This is a 6 inch tall plush version of Harley Quinn and that offers everything you expect from her. Of course the famous black and red costume and yes she even brought her hammer.

Now meant as a toy this Harley Quinn Fabrikations plush 06 is more a collectors item something you love to have sitting around and that is why they rate this plush at 14+.

If Harley Quinn is still missing in your Batman collection then why not start with this Harley Quinn Fabrikations Plush.