buy Batman Signal Projector Light

Batman Signal Projector Light

We all know how you can call Batman and that is why you need this Batman Signal Projector Light.

No matter if you use it inside the house or outside this projector just put the Batman bat symbol on a surface so a wall or a home they can have the Batman logo on it.

So if you like the world to know you like Batman then put this projector in the yard and no matter what time of year it is just fun even on Halloween and Christmas.

If Batman won’t show up now then I don’t know who you make him to visit you.

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buy Batman Character Light

Batman Character Light

Time to bring light to the Dark Knight and you can do that with this Batman Character Light.

This is a Batman figurine that shows a cute looking version of Batman standing on a black base that also has the Batman figure on it.

As you can see Batman is great looking and almost cartoon like and his cape is flying around behind him.

And this is not just any figurine, it is also a fun light that runs on two AAA batteries (not included). As this is a light that does not need any wires you can use it almost anywhere from your night stand to the outdoor table on a summer night.

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buy Batman Lamp Ceiling Light Fixture

Batman Lamp Ceiling Light Fixture

DC Comics Batman is a great superhero now you can have him help protect your room a night with this lamp ceiling light fixture.

This is an LED light that is based after the DC Comics superhero of Batman. The light fixture is shaped just like a flying Batman overhead. All white with a grey outline looking like the Batman bat symbol with the Batman mask and head.

Using LED lights this Batman light fixture measures approximately: 2 3/4 inches in height, 37 1/4 inches in length and 15 3/4 inches in width. Easy to install and includes all the mounting hardware this Batman light also has a dimmer setting.

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buy Batman Logo LED Car Projection Light

Batman Logo LED Car Projection Light

DC Comics has many superheroes that are unique and awesome, here is a great item for the Batman fan that is truly a must have.

This is a projector light that features an led light projection of the DC Comics Batman logo. When you open your automotive door the light welcomes you on the ground with a very sharp distinct image of the Batman logo.

The 3D projector light is very easy to install with no drilling or damage to your car. It will fit any type of vehicle and can be mounted on the left or right, front or rear doors. It is made to be of a very premium quality, durable water resistant and dust proof and is run on 3 AAA batteries.

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buy Batman Symbol Flashlight

Batman Symbol Flashlight

We all know that it gets dark out and that is why you need this Batman Symbol Flashlight.

This black flashlight runs on one AA battery that is not included in the box. When you turn it on you can project the light on to almost any surface and you will notice that it gives the Batman logo.

And as it gives the famous superhero symbol it may mean that Batman sees it and comes to your rescue.

A Batman flashlight like this is big enough to give you enough light and small enough so that you can keep it with you where ever you go and you can even click it on your pants or maybe your backpack.

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buy Bat Signal Projector Light

Bat Signal Projector Light

We all know that you can call Batman by putting up the bat signal and now you can thanks to this bat signal projector light.

The projector light can be used indoors and outdoors and that means that you can have the famous Batman logo as the bat signal on a wall in your house or maybe just on the outside walls of you home.

The bat signal light is fun for all the true fans and it can be used everyday or when you are having a Batman party.

The bat signal is best to used up to 15 feet from the projection surface and it comes with a 16 feet long power cord.

Now everyone that walks besides you home knows you like Batman when you use the projector light outside.

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buy Batman Pop! String Lights

Batman Pop! String Lights

Now you can have Batman party lights or you can use them as Christmas lights too.

This string light has Batman heads on them and these are not just the head of the normal Batman from the movie, these are the head of Batman as it looks on the Funko Pop! figurine.

The string is just perfect as now Batman can bring light to the dark while looking fun and amazing.

Besides, in the Christmas tree, this string light is just fun for room decoration or as lights for a Batman themed party.

So let the Dark Knight bring light to you in the form of a string light.

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buy Batman Lava Lamp

Batman Lava Lamp

Now there is a Batman light for you home.

This Batman lamp shows the head of Batman on the top and the logo and part of his costume on the bottom and in the middle it is see through with yellow lava moving around making this a really cool looking light.

The Batman lamp is 18.5 inches tall which makes it the perfect size for a side table.

Made from metal and glass this light is made to last and that means you can enjoy Batman for a long time.

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buy Batman Character Lamp

Batman Character Lamp

Now you can have Batman bring light to your life.

This 12 inch tall lamp looks like a chubby but cute Batman that looks like he is committed to the task of bringing light in your home.

Just put a bulb in and plug it and and Batman will bring you light.

The Batman character lamp is made from plastic so even a kids room could be a great spot for it but hey then you may have to share it with your child.

A lamp like this is also great for next to your comic reading chair because then you know for sure that Batman is there for you.

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buy Batman Logo String Lights

Batman Logo String Lights

Christmas trees need lights and if you like Batman then this string light could be perfect for you tree.

But even after Christmas you can still use these cool Batman logo lights. There are 10 lights on a string and each light is yellow with the black bat on it making them the perfect bat symbol as they light up.

You can use this string light indoors or covered outdoors and it will be a great things to see when it get’s dark.

The Batman logo string light is 10 feet long and has an opened plug so that you can connect unto 3 strands together.

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