buy Personalize Batman Symbol Night Light

Personalize Batman Symbol Night Light

The Dark Knight of course is not afraid of the dark but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a night light.

If you want a really special Batman night light then this is the one to look at.

This Batman night light shows the bat symbol and in the middle of that it has your name yes that is right this light will be specially made with your name on it.

And the Batman night light has a sensor so that it knows when it’s dark and then it goes on all by itself. And this light runs on a very low power LED bulb that last 50.000 hours. And on the picture we show you the yellow version but it comes in a wide range of cool colors.

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buy Batman Bat Signal Light

Batman Bat Signal Light

Batman Mini Bat Signal Light

Do you need help? Do you need to summon the Dark Knight to your rescue? Now you can do it with out Commissioner Gordon’s help. Batman will be on his way as soon as he sees you are sending out your Bat Signal, even if it is mini.

This mini bat signal light is silver and shines a little bat symbol, like a great flashlight on any wall you want.

The light swivels on its base and measures approximately 1.5″ x 2.5″ x 1.75″. It comes with a 48 page mini book too, all about Batman’s life.

Shine some light for your favorite DC Comic with your Batman Mini Bat Signal Light.

buy Batman Symbol Night Light

Batman Symbol Night Light

Batman Logo Night Light

Do you need a superhero to help you or maybe a little one get to sleep?

Here is the perfect solution, let DC Comics awesome superhero Batman help light up the dark with his bat symbol.

This night light is all black and features a large bat symbol on the front in yellow, any mini superhero is going to love this Batman night light for sure.

The Batman bat symbol night light features a built in automatic sensor that will turn itself off and on, so of course once all is quite and nothing is stirring the night light will save your electricity by turning off.

Keep a look out at night with the DC Comics Batman Symbol Night Light.

buy Batman LEGO Headlamp

Batman LEGO Headlamp

Batman LEGO Headlamp

There’s always a time and place for a little extra light in our lives. Why not have Batman to help out the situation?

This awesome headlamp comes with a bright yellow headband and a LEGO DC Comic minifigure of Batman as the shinning star. All you need to do is press the bat symbol on Batman’s chest and the bright LED lights (one in each moving foot) will come on for all to see. You can also clip Batman where ever you may need.

The LEGO Batman is made of plastic and comes with a metal key chain and batteries that can be replaced.

Cut through the darkness with the Batman LEGO Headlamp.

buy Batman Figure Night Light

Batman Figure Night Light

Batman Figure Night Light

Everyone needs a little protection from the dark once and a while and who better to give you that protection than Batman, the Caped Crusader.

The little light is in the grey and black color scheme with a bright yellow utility belt and symbol. His chest is puffed, fists clenched and the breeze is blowing his cape. He is ready for action anytime he is called upon.

Batman is made from resin and stands 4-3/4 inches tall and is ready to plug into the wall, so the dark will soon be gone.

Say yes to the warm comforting glow and get your Batman Figure Night Light.

buy Batman DC Comics Classic Leg Lamp

Batman DC Comics Classic Leg Lamp

Batman DC Comics Leg Lamp

Need some extra light to finish up your Wayne Enterprises paper work? Sit with the glow of this lamp that is essential to any Batman fan. It doesn’t hurt if you like the Christmas Story movie either.

This great lamp features the black and yellow bat symbol on a blue lamp shade. The base of the lamp is a replicated lower leg of Batman. The blue and grey boot is attached to a black base to create a sturdy reading lamp. For added effects both the lamp and leg light up to create a greater warmth to your room.

The leg lamp stands at 20 inches tall and is 10 inches wide with a cord 5 feet in length. It comes with one 5 watt type C bulb for the leg.

Go ahead and light up your life with this classic Batman DC Comics Classic Leg Lamp.

buy Batman Night Light

Batman Night Light

Batman Night Light

Let the Dark Knight bring light to the darkness.

This Batman night light is just the perfect way to have a superhero watching over you while you sleep and in the mean time he will bring some light so that you know you are safe.

The Batman night light shows the upper body from Batman and all his muscles and below that a big yellow and black bat logo that we all know.

Just switch on the Dark Knight before it gets to dark and you can see when you leave your bed in the dark.

Kids and adults can both enjoy this Batman Night Light.