buy Gold Batman Symbol Chocker Necklace

Gold Batman Symbol Chocker Necklace

Now you can wear this Gold Batman Symbol Chocker Necklace and show that you like Batman.

This is not some fancy gold jewelry with diamonds  but still it is really neat.

The chocker necklace is black and fabric and then there is a gold colored Batman symbol and it sparkles too.

Chocker necklaces are special and go with so many outfits and if you are big Batman fan then you can wear this Batman necklace and show your love to this famous DC Comics character.

Now you can have some fun costume jewelry that shows that Batman is on your mind.

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buy Batman And Robin Friends Necklace Set

Batman And Robin Friends Necklace Set

If you want a special piece of jewelry for you and a friend then you need this Batman And Robin Friends Necklace Set.

If you are super close to your friend that likes Batman as much as you then this necklace set is what you need. The set includes two necklaces each with the same chain but the pendant is different as each is one half of the Batman symbol and on side says “Batman” on it and the other one says “Robin” and when you hold them together it makes Batman and Robin the true friends.

A friendship necklace set like this is great to have and share with your friend.

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buy Puddin Choker Necklace

Puddin Choker Necklace

If you want to be more like Harley Quinn then you should check out this Puddin Choker Necklace.

Anyone that like Harley Quinn will like the big Puddin necklace she wears and now you can get one too.

The necklace is made from fake leather and looks a lot like a belt and comes in black, purple, and white and on the necklace it has in big gold letters the text “PUDDIN”.

This necklace is just great looking and great for wearing around you Joker or just as part of your Halloween or cosplay outfit.

I am sure that you will get notice if you wear this amazing looking puddin necklace.

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buy Harley Quinn Interchangeable Charm Necklace

Harley Quinn Interchangeable Charm Necklace

This Harley Quinn necklace is for all the fans of this slightly crazy Batman villain.

The necklace is 18 inch long and has a 3 inch extender and the necklace comes with 5 metal charms with enamel finish. The charms can be changed so that you can have a different look everyday.

There is a heart, hammer, jester hat and two Batman logo charms and most are red and black with diamonds as that is so clearly Harley Quinn.

A piece of jewelry like this is great for yourself but also makes for a special gift for that special Harley Quinn loving friend.

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buy Batman Logo Dog Tag Necklace

Batman Logo Dog Tag Necklace

Batman Symbol Dog Tag Necklace

This is a cool piece of jewelry for true fans of the Dark Knight! No-nonsense in appearance, the Batman dog tag choker has a punched out official Bat Logo on the tag itself. The punched out Bat remains in front, suspended. It won’t cut you.. but it does look sharp! Creating a shadow type effect. Bruce Wayne has good taste in merchandise.

Licensed by DC Comics, it comes standard issue on the military style chain. Every girls crazy about a sharp, dressed, knight. This logo brings to mind justice and truth. Get your hands on this chill Batman Logo Dog Tag Necklace.

buy Queen Playing Card Harley Quinn Necklace

Queen Playing Card Harley Quinn Necklace

Queen Playing Card Harley Quinn Necklace

You may need a new accessory or you may want to get someone a gift they will like. If you or they are a fan of DC Comics Batman, this may be the necklace you will pick, especially if you are looking for a villainous lady.

The playing card that is attached to this necklace is a queen of diamonds, but wait, there is a heart in the middle of the card. Coming out of that heart is Joker’s right hand girl, Harley Quinn. She is in her typical red and black outfit and has her mischievous smile on her face.

The chain of the necklace is made of fabric and measures 18 inches long. It has a lobster clasp that can be expanded for an extra 3 inches. The pendant is 1.5 inches by 1.25 inches, which makes it the perfect size to wear anytime.

Put her around your neck with the Queen Playing Card Harley Quinn Necklace.

buy Bat Symbol Dog Tag With LED Light

Bat Symbol Dog Tag With LED Light

Bat Symbol Dog Tag With LED Light

Many men, women and children appreciate the Dog Tags in many different ways like those in the military and for actual dogs on their collars. This Bat Symbol Dog Tag can be used for either.

The Bat Symbol Dog Tag hangs from a chain and is a black and white Bat Symbol that Batman would even be proud of. On the other hand it has an LED light which brings it to the colors we are used to with yellow and black.

The chain length on this Dog Tag is 23 inches. the tag itself measures approximately 3.5 inches by 1.25 inches. It comes with batteries and is a simple on/off button.

Light away your neck with the DC Comics Bat Symbol Dog Tag With LED Light.

buy Batman Pendant With Chain

Batman Pendant With Chain

Batman Pendant With Chain

Have you been looking for the perfect way to show your love for the dark, handsome man in a cape?

The word “BATMAN” hanging from your neck, what could be better? The letters are in a bright, yellow color on a darker blue background in the shape of bat wings.  The word pops to let all who see that Batman is the man in your life.

Crafted with precision from stainless steel to decrease corrosion, rusts or stains. The chain is 24 inches long and the actual pendant measures 1-5/8 inches wide by 1-3/8 inches tall to hang perfectly for all to see.

This is the last piece you would need for your ensemble, a Batman Pendant With Chain.

buy Batman Black Pendant Necklace

Batman Black Pendant Necklace

Batman pendant necklace

Just think about how cool it would be to wear the famous bat symbol around your neck.

And now you can just do that as there now is this amazing looking Batman necklace.

The necklace comes with a 22 inch long silver color necklace with on it a black stainless steel bat just like we know it from the Batman logo.

And this Batman necklace comes in a special Batman gift box and that makes this a piece of jewelry that is perfect to give to a Batman fan in need of an amazing necklace.

Just come take a better and closer look at this Batman Black Pendant Necklace.