buy Baby Batman Logo Bodysuit

Baby Batman Logo Bodysuit

Now you can get your infant this Baby Batman Logo Bodysuit.

You can get this Batman bodysuit in size 6 – 24 months and is made from preshrunk cotton.

The snapshot is black and on the front is show the famous Batman symbol and below that it says “Baby” and that kinda tells the world that you infant is baby Batman or a soon to be superhero.

I am sure that your baby will look really fun in this outfit and it has snap on the bottom and that makes it easy to change your baby when it is needed.

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buy Batman Costume Bib

Batman Costume Bib

Now there is this Batman Costume Bib that is just perfect for your baby.

This Batman bib is made from silicone and that is great at is is easy to clean and can even be put in the dishwasher.

The bib is light grey in color and you can see Batman’s abs and the famous yellow and black Batman symbol and the muscles, logo, and color make it feel like it is part of Batman’s costume.

The bottom of the bib has a fold that can hold some of the food your child is dropping and it has an easily adjustable neck strap so that it will fit babies ages 6 – 24 months.

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buy Batman 9 Months In The Bat cave Baby Bodysuit

Batman 9 Months In The Bat cave Baby Bodysuit

Now you can dress you baby in this Batman 9 Months In The Bat cave Baby Bodysuit.

This Batman baby bodysuit is available in sizes newborn to 24 months and is made from 100% ringspun cotton and comes in a lot of fun colors but all with the same design.

On the baby snapsuit is says “I Just Spend 9 Months In The Batcave” and below it there is a Batman logo.

It is really funny and would make for a fun present to new parents that love Batman or just for your own baby if you want them to start Batman from the start.

Get your Batman 9 Months In The Bat cave Baby Bodysuit

buy Baby Batman Costume

Baby Batman Costume

Now your baby can be a superhero all thanks to this amazing looking Baby Batman Costume.

Babies ages between 0 and 12 months can become a true Batman all thanks to this cute Halloween costume.

The baby Batman costume is a one piece bodysuit with hood and all are decorated in Batman style and it has a cape too and even on the feet you can find the Batman logo.

I am sure people are going to think it is really cute to see your baby as a true Batman.

Superhero’s are created so get your baby into this costume so that it can feel how amazing it is to be a superhero.

Get your Baby Batman Costume

buy Baby It Wasn’t Me It Was Batman Pajama

Baby It Wasn’t Me It Was Batman Pajama

If you want your little one to know Batman then why not start with this fun Batman pajama that is available for kids ages 0 – 24 months.

The pajama set has light colored pants with on the black mask from Batman and then there is the dark shirt with on it the same mask but also in yellow letters the text “It Wasn’t Me It Was Batman”.

It’s just fun to make you new born show it’s love of Batman and blaming him for his dirty nappy as that is the only reason why it’s time to change that diaper again.

Get your Baby It Wasn’t Me It Was Batman Pajama

buy Batman Bib And Booties

Batman Bib And Booties

Batman Bib And Booties

Of course your baby is like a superhero already.

And if it likes Batman then this set would be perfect.

This Batman set has a fun bib that makes your infant look like Batman complete with Batman logo and tool belt printed on the bib and then like a good superhero there is a cape that you can attach with velcro making the bib almost like a baby Batman costume.

And lets keep those feet warm to with the included Batman booties. The booties are black and have the Batman logo on it of course and they even have the name “Batman” on the cuff.

Adults and kids can now enjoy a clean baby with this Batman Bib And Booties Set.

buy Batman Costume Baby Snapsuit

Batman Costume Baby Snapsuit

Batman Costume Baby Snapsuit

Batman fans would love their babies to be superhero’s just like the Dark Knight.

And maybe it helps if you dress them like Batman. This baby bodysuit has long pants and sleeves and even footies and yes it is black and it has the whole Batman costume printed on it complete with the six pack abs and the utility belt.

And yes of course there is the yellow bat symbol on it to.

This Batman snapsuit comes in sizes 0 – 9 months and will keep your newborn warm and cosy.

Besides just being perfect for everyday it also works as you babies first Halloween costume.

Come and have a closer look at this Batman Costume Baby Bodysuit.

buy Gold Batman Baby Bodysuit

Gold Batman Baby Bodysuit

Gold Batman Baby Bodysuit

Male, female, adult, kids or babies all can enjoy Batman.

This piece of baby clothing brings Batman to the little once.

This gold colored infant bodysuit has black details around the neck and legs and besides that you can find the bat logo all over it in all kind of fun orientations.

This bodysuit is made from 100% cotton and is available for Batman fans in all kind of sizes.

A piece of Batman clothing makes a perfect gift for a new born in your family or for you own kid. Cartoons and superhero’s are part of life so let them start early.

Now is the time to get the baby dressed in this Batman Gold Logo Bodysuit.

buy Batman Logo Infant Shoes

Batman Logo Infant Shoes

Batman baby shoes

Babies can be the youngest fans of Batman and to get them of to a great start a pair of shoes would be perfect.

These are black little shoes that are lined yellow and have the bat symbol on the front.

And these infant shoes come in infant sizes 1, 2 and 3 witch covers babies 3 – 12 months. If Batman’s would be born then they would wear these shoes as part of their costume.

Of course you can get these infant shoes for your own baby or to promote Batman with your new parents friends.

Lets get the little once started as early as possible by getting them these fun Batman Logo Baby Shoes.