buy Batman Logo Dog T-Shirt

Batman Logo Dog T-Shirt

Now you can give your dog superpowers by simply dressing them in this Batman Logo Dog T-Shirt.

This dog t-shirt is made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton and is light grey and black and on the back it has a big yellow and black Batman symbol on it so that everyone that sees you dog knows it has Batman superpowers.

Besides looking really fun the dog outfit also keeps your dog warm so they can be ready for colder days.

I am sure that you love this if you are a big fans of Batman and wants your dog to wear a cool t-shirt.

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buy Batman Dog Harness and Costume

Batman Dog Harness and Costume

Now there is this fun Batman Dog Harness and Costume that makes your dog ready for Halloween.

Dog costumes are not really that easy for dogs but this one is basically a dog harness and it is grey in color with the Batman logo on it and then there is a cape that will make it look your dog is flying when running around. And on the black cape it also has the famous Batman symbol.

So your dog can feel like a true superhero and maybe it just want to keep wearing it even after Halloween because other dogs will be looking and be a bit jealous.

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buy The Joker Dog Costume

The Joker Dog Costume

The Joker is always on the tail of the DC Comics superhero Batman. Now you can dress your dog up as the super villain Joker with this really cool and awesome looking pet costume for Halloween or dress up parties.

This costume looks just like the purple Joker suit with a green vest and pin striped pants. Also, the costume comes with a wig to complete it and turn your dog into The Joker.

The Joker dog costume is available in a huge selection of sizes that will range from Small to XL. It is made to be super soft and comfortable fro your dog to wear while also very durable to last a long time.

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buy Robin Dog Costume

Robin Dog Costume

Robin is always helping out the DC Comics superhero Batman. Now for Halloween or costume parties have your own trusty side kick of Robin with this dog costume.

This dog costume features all of the details of Robin’s superhero suit as seen along side Batman. Find a black mask, a superhero suit with green sleeves and a Robin logo on the chest. Of course it is complete with a yellow shiny cape.

Available in a wide selection of dog sizes that will range from Small to XL so all dogs can accompany any Batman as Robin. The costume is made to be both durable to last a long time as well as super comfortable for your pet to wear.

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