buy The Riddlers Face Pillow

The Riddlers Face Pillow

Check out this The Riddlers Face Pillow as it is just fun for anyone that like Batman villains and you can get one for yourself.

This Riddler pillow is available in different sizes and also comes as a complete pillow or just as a pillow cover.

As you can see the pillow is black with on it a big green question mark and in the green you can see more question marks and there is also a silhouette of the face of The Riddler which makes it an extra fun pillow to have.

A Batman villains pillow like this is great on a chair or couch but also works great on your bed.

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buy The Penguin And The Riddler Tote Bag

The Penguin And The Riddler Tote Bag

Now shopping will be fun all thanks to this The Penguin And The Riddler Tote Bag.

As you can see this tote bag is nice and white with a strong black strap and then on top of that you can find two Batman villains the Penguin and the Riddler but they are both silhouettes with on each of them a typical detail. On the Penguin you can find a purple penguin and on the Riddler there you find his typical green question mark.

A fun tote bag like this is great to have and to use instead of a plain plastic bag. This bag is great for shopping, school, the gym and many other occasions so use one instead of plastic.

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buy Riddler Meets Batman Logo T-Shirt

Riddler Meets Batman Logo T-Shirt

Now there is this special Riddler Meets Batman Logo T-Shirt.

You can get this different Batman t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids and it comes in lots of sizes and colors.

On the t-shirt you can find a green question mark and we all know that it is the symbol of The Riddler and then hanging around the question mark you can find a bat that looks a lot like the Batman logo.

It is a different t-shirt then most would expect but that makes it really cool and just perfect for a true Batman fan young or old.

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buy The Riddler Sequin Corset Top

The Riddler Sequin Corset Top

If you want to look a bit like the Riddler only way sexier then you have to see this The Riddler sequin corset top.

The top is covered in green sequin and that makes it sparkle and on the front, there is also a big black question mark so that it is genuine Riddler.

And this corset does not have straps making it look even sexier if you dress up like The Riddler.

You can get this sequins costume top in women’s sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

So get ready to become a Batman villain by dressing in this amazing sparkling top.

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buy The Riddler Green Bow Tie

The Riddler Green Bow Tie

If you want a cool bow tie that reminds people of the Batman villain The Riddler then this green bow tie is what you want.

The green bow tie has question marks on it just like you expected and make for a great addition to your The Ridder cosplay or Halloween costume.

But hey you can wear this nice cotton bow tie any day of the year just pick a nice shirt and you are all set to show that you know your Batman villains.

The Riddler bow tie has a black adjustable strap to make it fit you perfectly.

Get your The Riddler Green Bow Tie

buy The Riddler Sublimation Men’s Wallet

The Riddler Sublimation Men’s Wallet

Get your next piece of DC Comics Batman paraphernalia. It is a wallet to keep all your money and cards in one place in your pocket. It also serves as a conversation starter.

This wallet is primarily green with question marks all over it. The Riddler is there smiling his evil smile with purple bowling hat and purple gloves. When you open the wallet it is primarily the Riddler’s skin color because it is all about his face on the inside. Beauty!

This wallet measures approximately 4.5 inches long by 3.5 inches tall when it is closed. It is officially licensed by DC Comics so you know Batman can appreciate that. It has one ID holder, two business card holders a single bill sot and three card slots. It is also made from PVC and Polyester for added durability.

Get your The Riddler Sublimation Men’s Wallet

buy The Riddler Question Mark Leggings

The Riddler Question Mark Leggings

Whoa! look out for the Riddler Batman definetely when you throw a sweet pair of tights into the mix.

This is a pair of women’s leggings that are all light green with a nice shiny finish and are just like the DC Comics super villain colors of The Riddler.

Along with the light green color there is multiple question marks all over and all different sizes.

The Riddler leggings are available as a one size fits most so many can enjoy taunting Batman.

Made from the perfect blend of 88% polyester and 12% spandex materials. This wil give you a very durable legging that is also super soft and comfortable and has the right amount of stretch.

Get your The Riddler Question Mark Leggings

buy Women’s The Riddler Costume

Women’s The Riddler Costume

Women's The Riddler Costume

Any dress up occasion can use a female The Riddler.

Now you can become this famous Batman villain by simply dressing up in this costume.

The costume has a corset top and a skirt that are green and of course have question marks on them and then there is a black collar with a purple tie and a green hat and some purple gloves.

Halloween or cosplay you will be noticed by all the dressed up Batman’s out there.

And this women’s Riddler costume comes in sizes XSmall  – Large so that it fit you like you want.

Come and get ready to become a Batman villain by ordering your Women’s The Riddler Costume.

buy The Riddler Golf Club Head Cover

The Riddler Golf Club Head Cover

The Riddler Golf Club Head Cover

Riddle me this – what covers it good; both iron and wood??

Q. What do you call a man who has almost everything?
A. Complete! (of “course”) – once he gets his Riddler golf club head cover!

This stylish head cover mimics the Riddler in all his glory; with his trademark green and purple outfit and patterned with quizzically repeating question marks all over. The masked Supervillian is grinning with his trademark smug look. It’s like he knows his mere presence will lower your score, and give you the edge on the greens!

Just looking at this novel and awesome item, answers the question in the affirmative, “Yes” – you should buy it for yourself! Or for your good friend! It’s perfect for Riddler fans, Batman fans, and lovers of golf the world over! It looks smashing!

This knitted style accessory can cover up to a 460cc driver, providing secure club fit and protection.

Solve your own riddle! Get your Officially Licensed Riddler Golf Club Head Cover.

buy Batman’s Villains Women’s Underwear

Batman’s Villains Women’s Underwear

Batman's Villians Women's Underwear

Poison Ivy, The Joker and The Riddler, what do they all have in common? Well first of all they are DC Comic’s Batman’s main enemies. Second of all, they are the stars of the show in this 3-pack of women’s underwear.

One pair is green and leafy, the next looks like the Joker’s green and purple suit and the 3rd is full of question marks with one big purple one on the front.

This women’s underwear 3-pack comes in a full size range for all the women in your life and yourself. The sizes are Small to 2XL.

Be one of DC Comic’s Arkham Asylum’s greatest with the Batman’s Villains Women’s Underwear.