buy Batman Logo And Tree Christmas Sweater

Batman Logo And Tree Christmas Sweater

Now there is a Batman logo and tree Christmas sweater.

Batman fans can now have their own ugly Christmas sweater and this one is pretty nice.

The black Christmas sweater shows the Batman logo on the top half and it is surrounded by snowflakes and the lower part is yellow within one band the Batman logo and Christmas trees and a banner below shows white snowflakes.

You can get this Batman sweater in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester.

So get ready for Christmas by dressing up in style.

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buy Caped Batman Cufflinks

Caped Batman Cufflinks

Fellows! If you want the advantage in being ridiculously good looking.. or if it’s your turn up to bat to gift your groomsmen.. they will look perfectly sharp sporting these DC approved, Batman cape silhouette silver cufflinks! Great to add a splash of geek chic to any fancy affair!

The clean shape of this jewelry (the outline of the Bat’s majestic cape) looks so great, even a blind person could feel their power!

With a fixed back closure (the DC comics logo) they will not fall off, and they are a sturdy build composed of rhodium plated (a rare hard metal being member of the platinum group) base metal with enamel.

Subtly flaunt your dark capricious alter ego and look great doing it!

Girls will come a running just as fast as they can when you add this paired Batman accessory to your sharp dressed plan.

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buy Batman Utility Belt Socks

Batman Utility Belt Socks

Now every Batman fan can have special socks like these Batman utility belt socks that are just fun and so much better than plain colored socks.

The Batman socks fit men’s shoe sizes 6 -12 and yes ladies they will look great on you too.

The Batman crew socks are black with on the sides the famous Batman logo and around the foot, you will see the yellow utility belt and you don’t have to worry there are not buckles that hurt as it is just part of the pattern.

The Batman socks even work great when you wear a suit as they are not too obviously Batman socks when you wear long pants.

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buy Batman and his Logo Pajama pants

Batman and his Logo Pajama pants

Now you can dream about Batman while wearing Batman pajama pants.

This men’s sleepwear is made from 100% cotton and is black. On the black, you can find Batman himself on the left leg while his famous symbol is placed all over the right leg. And yes, front and back of these pants are covered in the cool design.

Besides for sleeping, you can wear these as Batman lounge pants too and I am sure they are great for wearing when you watch a Batman movie on TV or reading your favorite comic book.

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buy Batman Wayne Enterprises Boxer Briefs

Batman Wayne Enterprises Boxer Briefs

Now you can feel Batman near when you wear these men’s Batman boxer briefs.

The boxers have a black waistband that says “Batman” and on it in light gray. On the fabric itself, you can see the Wayne Enterprises building and Batman looking at the bat symbol in the sky. The same image can be found on the front and the back.

You can get this Batman underwear in men’s sizes Small – XL and they are made from 90% polyester and 10% spandex.

When you wear this underwear you will feel a lot like Batman and I am sure everyone would like to feel like that.

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buy Batman Necktie That Comes In Many Colors

Batman Necktie That Comes In Many Colors

If you want a Batman necktie that comes in different colors then just black then this is what you want.

This necktie comes in 13 colors including black, yellow, purple, green, and even pink.

On each of the neckties, you can see the Batman logo and this time it’s not the one in the circle.

The Batman tie is 2.5 inches wide (widest point) and 57 inches long and would just be one of those items a Batman fan needs to own for when you need to dress up.

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buy The Joker Slip On Shoes

The Joker Slip On Shoes

Now you can feel like The Joker when you go for a walk.

These slip on shoes are black with black soles but on that black, you can find purple details and a lot of laughter in green and that makes them perfect as part of a The Joker costume too.

You can get these Joker shoes in men’s sizes 4 – 8 and yes women can wear them too.

So now you can have fun shoes that make everyone think about the funny Batman villain.

Stop wearing boring when you can wear stylish and fun thanks to the Joker.

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buy Batman And The Logo Socks Set

Batman And The Logo Socks Set

Now you can enjoy warm feet and Batman at the same time thanks to these Batman socks.

The socks come in a set of two of which one pair is just black with the yellow Batman logo all over it and the other is different as it shows Batman and the Joker in a more photo-realistic look and yes Batman is on the front and back of these socks.

Made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex these socks are just perfect for keeping your feet warm. And these Batman socks are one size fit most and that means that both men and women can enjoy them on their feet.

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buy Batman Fair Isle Christmas Sweater

Batman Fair Isle Christmas Sweater

If you are looking for a nice and Batman Christmas sweater then this could be the one.

This Christmas sweater is navy blue and looks more like a sweatshirt and on the blue fabric you can find in a fair isle pattern Batman and his logo and besides that a lot of Christmas details including reindeer. And the print on this Christmas sweater has a worn look and that is a much better fit for the Dark Knight.

You can get this Batman Christmas sweater in sizes Small, Medium, and Large and it is a unisex sweater so great for both men and women.

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buy Batman Legend Socks (2 pairs)

Batman Legend Socks (2 pairs)

If you like Batman and need socks then this is what you need.

This set includes 2 pairs of socks one pair is gray with on it Batman himself and the word “Legend” because that is what Batman is and the other pair of socks is blue with on it in black and yellow the Batman logo.

So you can now have two pairs of Batman socks and it could be even fun to mix them up so that you wear one sock of each pair as they look great together.

These Batman socks will fit men’s shoe size 6 – 12 and will make you feel a bit more like a superhero.

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