buy Batman Mask Laundry Basket

Batman Mask Laundry Basket

Now there is this Batman Mask Laundry Basket your bedroom needs.

If you want to give Batman your dirty laundry then now you can because this laundry hamper is all about Batman.

The light colored laundry basket has black handles and shows the famous mask of Batman on it so that a true fan knows what it is.

The basket is water proof and can do way more than hold laundry.

Kids toys can have a home in this Batman hamper too and maybe it helps to have Batman on it because maybe the kids and even adults put their stuff in it because it is a Batman basket.

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buy Blue Batman Laundry Basket

Blue Batman Laundry Basket

If you are like Batman then thinks like a dirty cape will take a lot of space on your laundry pile and that is why you need a laundry basket so that your dirty clothes don’t have to be ending up on the floor.

This blue laundry hamper is perfect for Batman and for you.

On the blue hamper you can see Batman himself all dressed up to save the world with next to him in black the famous bat logo.

The laundry basket also has nice metal handles and is foldable so that it’s perfect to use and store.

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buy Batman Logo Laundry Basket

Batman Logo Laundry Basket

In many people’s homes laundry just piles up in a corner of a room but if you  are a Batman fan then this laundry basket can make your dirty laundry disappear or at least be out of sight.

This black hamper is foldable and has metal handles. On the black laundry hamper you can see the famous Bat symbol in yellow and below that the word “Batman” and below that the Dark Knight himself.

Now there really is no need any more of having dirty clothes on your floor and that all thanks to Batman.

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