buy Classic Batman Coin

Classic Batman Coin

Now there is this Classic Batman Coin that could be the beginning of a Batman coin collection.

As you can see this silver plated coin it shows the Batman logo on the back and on the front you can see the Classic Batman with the symbol in the sky.

And if one coin is not enough then you could choose to sign up for the subscription service so that you will get more or even all the Batman related coins and that even includes display box that comes with the second coin in the series and that coin is Robin.

So now you can get a really unique Batman collection and I am sure you want to check this out.

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buy Batman Logo Egg Holder

Batman Logo Egg Holder

Now there is this cool Batman Logo Egg Holder that is just fun to have for easter.

This egg holder is shaped like the Batman logo with 3 holes inside it that can hold things like Kinder Surprise eggs or similar sized eggs.

The Batman egg holder is made from MDF and painted black with acrylic paint.

I am sure that this egg holder will look really cool in the home of a Batman fan that love chocolate eggs and would like some cool decorations for Easter.

And I am pretty sure that you will not find this holder in store and that will mean that your friends probably didn’t see this yet make you the first one that can have one.

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buy Batman Flatware Set

Batman Flatware Set

Now you can eat in style all thanks to this Batman Flatware Set.

This set of cutlery includes 5 pieces there are two spoon, two forks and a knife. Each piece has black handles and on a fork and a spoon there is the Batman symbol and on the knife it says “Batman”. So now you can eat your meals and feel like a true superhero as this is how Batman eats.

I am sure that people will look in amazement when you invite friends over for dinner and you eat with this Batman cutlery.

This set is unique and really special and that makes it the perfect present for a true Batman fan.

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buy Batman Slap Bracelet

Batman Slap Bracelet

Now you can have this Batman Slap Bracelet so that people will know by looking at your wrist that you are a Batman fan.

This slap bracelet is black and on top you can see lots and lots of Batman logo’s and that does make it cool.

A slap bracelet is just flat until you slap it on your wrist as then it wraps it around it and it becomes a bracelet.

Kids will love this Batman bracelet but it will look fun on adults too.

And this slap bracelet also makes for a great party favor if you are having a Batman or superhero party.

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buy Batman Pet ID Tag

Batman Pet ID Tag

Now you can get this cool Batman Pet ID Tag to protect your pet from going lost.

This Pet tag is round with on the front the famous Batman symbol and then on the back you can have your information as it can hold up to 4 lines of 20 characters each.

And the pet tag can be personalized a bit more as it the tag comes in different colors and even the print color can be picked by you.

Now it just needs a spot on the collar of your pet and then they are as cool as Batman without the worry about ever loosing them.

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buy Batman And Logo Bookends

Batman And Logo Bookends

Now you can get these Batman And Logo Bookends.

It is a set of two bookends made from black metal and just great for organizing your book or maybe you DVD collection.

One of the bookends just has the Batman logo on it and the other bookend shows Batman and he is standing while reading a book.

Books don’t like to stand by themselves and when they hang out with other books they just fall around almost like they are drunk and that is why you need bookends and if you are a Batman fan then this bookend set is just perfect to keep your books standing straight.

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buy Bruce And Harley Quinn Convertible Bag

Bruce And Harley Quinn Convertible Bag

Now there is this cool Bruce And Harley Quinn Convertible Bag that is based on the Harley Quinn Birds Of Prey movie.

The bag is white with on it the design we have seen on her shirt in the movie and it also has a bone shaped pendant that says “Bruce” on it as that is the name of Harley Quinn’s pet hyena.

And the Harley Quinn bag has red straps that you can use to make it into a mini backpack or a crossbody bag.

Two bags for the price of one and both versions are just really useful and look amazing.

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buy Batman And The Joker On The Toilet Posters

Batman And The Joker On The Toilet Posters

Now there is this set of Batman And The Joker On The Toilet Posters.

If you are looking at decorating your bathroom then this poster set could be just fun for on the wall.

There are two posters and one shows Batman sitting on the toilet while reading a comic book and the other poster shows The Joker and his is also reading but also playing with explosives.

You can get this poster set in different sizes so that there is the perfect size for your bathroom.

Now you will feel so much more special as it feels like you are going to the bathroom with your favorite DC Comics characters.

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buy Infant Batman Plaid Shortall Set

Infant Batman Plaid Shortall Set

Now there is this fun Infant Batman Plaid Shortall Set.

The Batman outfit is available in sizes 12 – 24 months and includes the paid set and a blue t-shirt.

The set is blue and yellow plaid with on the front a big Batman symbol and on on of the legs it says “Batman”.

An outfit like this is great for for kids that like Batman and as they look adorable mom and dad will really enjoy the child wearing it.

So if you are a Batman fan or if your infant is then dress them in this cute shortfall set.

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buy Batman Rope And Ball Dog Toy

Batman Rope And Ball Dog Toy

If your dog needs a toy then check out this Batman Rope And Ball Dog Toy.

If you like or hate Batman then this dog toy is just perfect.

The toy has an 8 shaped rope that is red and yellow and in the middle there is a tennis ball and on the yellow ball you can find a Batman symbol.

Now your dog can play tug or just chew away all Batman style all thanks to this cute dog toy.

I am sure that The Joker has this toy for his dog as it can destroy the Batman toy which may feel like hurting Batman to The Joker.

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