buy Halloween LEGO Robin Costume

Halloween LEGO Robin Costume

If your child loves the LEGO Batman movie then now they can wear this Halloween LEGO Robin costume.

The kids costume will fit kids sizes 4 – 12 and is great for Halloween, cosplay, or just playing at home.

The Halloween costume includes a the body of a LEGO figure, cape, head, and green hands and your kid can just wear their own pants and shoes.

Not everyone should be Batman so the kids can now be the trusty friend and helper of the superhero because this LEGO outfit is amazing looking and Robin can be way more fun the the Dark Knight.

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buy Kids The Joker Costume

Kids The Joker Costume

Now your child can be a Batman villain thanks to this kids The Joker costume.

The kids costume will transforms them into the evil Joker and that makes it perfect for Halloween, cosplay, or just fun playing at home.

The Joker costume includes a jumpsuit that looks like the suit that the Joker wears complete with the flower on the front. The costume includes also shoe covers and a headpiece with green hair.

The kids Halloween costume is available in different sizes for the perfect size and I am sure that it will look amazing on your child.

Trick or treating will be different as a famous DC Comics villain.

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buy Batman Yellow And Black Toddler Swim Trunks

Batman Yellow And Black Toddler Swim Trunks

If your little boy likes Batman then you should check these Batman yellow and black toddler swim trunks.

These Batman boxers are made for little kids ages 12 – 24 months and will be just perfect for a visit to the pool or beach.

The kids swim trunks are covered in stripes in black, yellow, and gray and then on the front you can find Batman and the Batman logo.

Cute swimwear like this will be noticed by everyone that likes Batman and I am sure the adults will be jealous because they are so much fun to wear.

Your child can now run around in outside this summer in his cute Batman shorts.

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buy LEGO Batman Boys Swim Shorts

LEGO Batman Boys Swim Shorts

Now your child can go to the pool wearing these cool LEGO Batman boys swim shorts.

The swim shorts shows a picture collage on one side with many of Batman villains on it and the other sides shows Batman and Robin running to their next adventure. And the Batman swim trunks have a red elastic waistband.

You can get these LEGO Batman shorts in many kids sizes so that all the boys can enjoy wearing them to the beach or pool this summer.

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buy Kids LEGO Batman Costume

Kids LEGO Batman Costume

Dress up your child in this LEGO Batman costume and they will be like a giant LEGO figure of their favorite superhero.

The costume makes kids look like a giant LEGO mini figure and that figure is Batman complete with LEGO style hands and head and it is Batman so the costume has a cape too.

You child’s Batman costume will include Tunic, Detachable cape, Pants, Mask and Pair of hands and is available in many kids sizes.

Halloween or any other dress up occasion this LEGO Batman costume is amazing and something every child wants as they all want to be LEGO Batman.

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buy Kids Batman Winter Boots

Kids Batman Winter Boots

Winter time is when we need good footwear more than ever and if your child loves Batman then you have to check out these Batman winter boots.

These Batman boots look a lot like they are part of Batman’s costume and every child would love to own those.

The winter boots are black, gray, and yellow in color and have the Batman logo on the front and Batman on the back.

You can get these Batman boots in many toddlers and little kids sizes so that your child can enjoy the perfect fitting boots this winter.

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buy Kids Batman Snow Pants

Kids Batman Snow Pants

Kids like to play in the snow and the downside of that is that they get wet and cold unless you dress them up in these cool Batman snow pants.

The snow pants are black and show in a gray color bat flying all over and to top it all off there is the Batman logo to and there are yellow straps to make it like the perfect pair of snow pants for little Batman fans.

These Batman snow pants come in kids sizes 4 – 10 and are just perfect for winter.

And as these snow pants have shoulder straps you no longer have to worry that they slide down making you child cold again.

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buy Kids Batman Bath Robe

Kids Batman Bath Robe

Now there is a bath robe for kids that love Batman.

This soft Batman robe is black and has a yellow belt and on the front, you can see a small Batman logo and on the back you can find the bat symbol way bigger.

And to make this kids robe even better they build a mask in the black hood and it even has some bat ears so that they can hear things even better.

You can get this Batman robe in kids sizes 6 – 12 and toddler sizes are available too.

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buy Batman Kids Name And Age T-Shirt

Batman Kids Name And Age T-Shirt

This kids t-shirt is for the birthday child that loves Batman.

On the t-shirt, you can find Batman besides a big number and below it the name of you child. This birthday t-shirt is great for kids ages 0 – 9 that love Batman.

The crouching superhero with a flapping cape will look stunning on your child’s name.

And yes the t-shirt is personalized and that does not cost anything extra.

Just pick the age and name and then the color of the t-shirt and the size and you are set to surprise you Batman loving child.

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buy Batman Black And White T-Shirt

Batman Black And White T-Shirt

Now you can have a Batman t-shirt that has the whole front covered.

On the t-shirt, you can find a black and white image of Batman and that takes up a lot of t-shirt space of course.

Besides Batman, the t-shirt also shows the Arkham Knight Batman logo so that you know here this Batman is coming from.

You can get this Batman t-shirt in styles that are great for adults and kids so that the whole family can enjoy wearing Batman around.

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