buy Batman The Dark Knight Rises Backpack

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Backpack

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Backpack

Is a Batman backpack what you are looking for?

If so then you found the perfect one. This backpack is 15 x 11 x 5 inch and has big compartment with zipper close and two mesh side pockets.

On the backpack you can find a big picture of Batman while he seems to fly through the arid and in the background you can see the city. And above all this action you can find the text “The Dark Knight Rises” against the bat symbol.

This backpack is made for kids ages 3 and up and is great for school specially with the mesh side pocket that can hold a Batman water bottle.

Come and take a better look at this Batman The Dark Knight Rises Backpack.

buy Batman And Robin Binder

Batman And Robin Binder

School and work is ok and we do use binder there that are boring and plain.

Why not make it fun with a Batman binder from Avery like this one.

This binder shows a classic cation scene with Batman and Robin in the Batcave shaking hands.

You have to admit that this Batman binder is way more fun then the standard binders and this is a good one to as it’s made by Avery. And this Batman binder comes in different sizes and rings so that you can get the binder you really want.

A Batman fan that also like to have Robin near should have this binder to hold all kind of stuff.

Get your Batman And Robin Binder