buy The Penguin And The Riddler Tote Bag

The Penguin And The Riddler Tote Bag

Now shopping will be fun all thanks to this The Penguin And The Riddler Tote Bag.

As you can see this tote bag is nice and white with a strong black strap and then on top of that you can find two Batman villains the Penguin and the Riddler but they are both silhouettes with on each of them a typical detail. On the Penguin you can find a purple penguin and on the Riddler there you find his typical green question mark.

A fun tote bag like this is great to have and to use instead of a plain plastic bag. This bag is great for shopping, school, the gym and many other occasions so use one instead of plastic.

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buy Penguin Bust Money Bank

Penguin Bust Money Bank

This Batman villain loves to keep an eye on your money.

A money bank shaped like the Penguin that is what this is and it looks really neat and special.

It’ a bust bank so you can see The Penguin like we all know him from the Batman comic books and yes of course he brought his umbrella and his top hat and he looks as nicely dressed as always.

The money bank of the Penguin is 8 inch tall and would besides great for collecting money also great for just decorating a shelve and be part of you Batman collection.

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buy The Penguin Action Figure

The Penguin Action Figure

The Penguin Action Figure

In the 1992 Batman Returns movie, Batman is matched up with Oswald Cobblepot, better known as The Penguin. Now you can have Penguin on display for all your friends to see.

DC Comics Penguin villain has been interpreted in many ways, but this might be the best version. He wears a fake fur coat and a top hat, black boots, and dirty, holy long underwear. He has such a scary look on his face and the way his fingers are webbed you are sure to have some nightmares.

Made by National Entertainment Collectibles, this fully poseable figurine stands at a large 15 inches tall. It is made in 1/4 scale and features such an amazing likeness to Danny DeVito. The accessories are removable, like the top hat, faux fur coat and umbrella accessories.

Get a piece of the Batman movies history with The Penguin Action Figure.

buy Penguin Golf Club Head Cover

Penguin Golf Club Head Cover

Penguin Golf Club Head Cover

Batman is always having to watch out when Penguin is around, now he will have to look out while having a game of golf because the Penguin is golfing too.

This is a golf club head cover that features the DC Comics super villain of the Penguin, find a very stylish dressed up Penguin like usual in his suit jacket, elaborate silver under shirt, eye patch and top hat.

This DC Comics villain The Penguin measures 12 inches tall and is made to be durable with a double lined and padded inner and a long sock that goes down the shat of the club to help protect, it is made to fit up to a 460cc golf club driver.

Try out this DC Comics Penguin Golf Club Head Cover.

buy LEGO Batman And Penguin Face Off Set

LEGO Batman And Penguin Face Off Set

LEGO Batman And Penguin Face Off Set

DC Comics has many superheroes and super villains who engage in epic battles, one battle that we can all remember is Batman and The Penguin and now you can build and re-create it in the fun building blocks of LEGO.

This LEGO set features a Batman LEGO minifigure with the Batman scuba vehicle complete with 2 flick missiles, also you will get The Penguin LEGO minifigure and accessories of the harpoon, dynamite and umbrella also find The Penguin with his duck boat that has 2 flick missiles.

The DC Comics Superheroes LEGO set has a total of 136 peices to build and help Batman stop The Penguin from another ruthless crime.

Collect and play with the LEGO Batman And Penguin Face Off Set.

buy Batman Returns Movie Mug

Batman Returns Movie Mug

Batman Returns Movie Black Mug

What does a Batman fan use to drink coffee from?

It should be this black coffee mug based on the movie “Batman Returns”.

On the back of this black mug you can find the text saying “Batman Returns” and on the rest of the mug you find 3 faces of characters in the movie. There is of course Batman and besides him you find Catwoman and The Penguin.

All those faces make this mug special and great to have in your Batman collection.

Now you can own a mug with the superhero and his villains and that is a great mug for you morning coffee.

Come take a closer look at this Batman Returns Mug.

buy Batman Classic Penguin T-Shirt

Batman Classic Penguin T-Shirt

Awrrk, awrrk, awrrk – is that the persistent sound of one of Batman’s oldest enemies? It’s the sound of the classic TV Penguin played by Burgess Meredith.

This t-shirt has the famous Penguin in his suit, spats on his shoes, the cigar and umbrella. Behind the Penguin there is a red and yellow “Kapow” type of starburst with the printed sounds that the Penguin made “Awrrk”. It also has “The Penguin” written on it too.

This t-shirt comes in Men’s, Women’s and kids sizes for all classic fans to enjoy. And it is available in lots of different sizes for the perfect fit.

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