buy Batman Logo Silicone Placemat

Batman Logo Silicone Placemat

Keep your messes in check with a sweet new Batman logo silicone placemat. It will keep your little one’s smiling while they eat.

The background of this place mat is clear. There is one big DC Comics Batman bat symbol in the middle that is yellow and black. Surrounding that logo is many little logos alternating from a clear bat in a black background and a black bat with a clear background. Perfect!

This 100% silicone, non-slip placemat measures approximately 13.5 inches wide by 9 inches tall. It is lead free and free of BPA, PVC and phthalate. This will help keep your little one healthy and safe.

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buy Batman Reversible Backpack

Batman Reversible Backpack

DC Comics Batman is a man of two personalities, Bruce Wayne and the superhero Batman. Now you can get a backpack with dual personalities as well.

One side of this Batman reversible backpack is completely black except for the shimmering gold bat logo on the very front of the backpack. When you choose to reverse the backpack, you now have an amazing comic patterned print. It is black, white and yellow all over with your favorite caped crusader plastered all over it.

This Batman backpack measures approximately 12 inches by 16 inches by 5 inches. It is made from polyester and polyurethane for durability. The shoulder straps are detachable in order to make your reversible backpack reverse in a snap. There are 2 front pockets on the black side and one large front pocket on the comic side.

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buy Robin Knitted Can And Bottle Cooler

Robin Knitted Can And Bottle Cooler

DC Comic’s Robin has been Batman’s bestie for many years and now he is ready to have his very own can and bottle cooler for those hot days. Keep your beverage cool with the help of Robin.

This sock type can and bottle koozie is black, red and green colored like his suit. His green bottoms hold the bottom of your container, his belt is there and red top with the yellow “R” in a black oval.

It comes in a one size fits most, bottles and cans that is! It is washable, so don’t worry about the spills and it tucks away in to tiny spots to be called on in a moments notice.

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buy Bat Quinn Key Chain

Bat Quinn Key Chain

DC Comics Batman and Harley Quinn are not the best of friends. But when they are asked to join together for the sake of the fans, they were willing to come up with this gem.

This key chain brings together the good and evil of Batman’s world. It is a combination of a brass color and red. It is in the shape of the bat symbol, but the inside is colored like Harley Quinn’s attire. Diamond shapes, half red, half brass and a brilliant look.

The key chain measures approximately 2.75 inches x 1.25 inches and comes with a ring for you to add your favorite keys.

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buy Harley Quinn 2 Piece Pajama Set

Harley Quinn 2 Piece Pajama Set

Tired of the same pajama sets that you find in various stores? Now you can have a pajama set that means much more than just sleep attire. You can now show your love for the DC Comics Batman empire, and be fashionable in your house and bed.

The Harley Quinn 2 Piece Pajama set is full of great red, black and white colors. First the shirt is a baseball t-shirt type of shirt. The body is red and the sleeves are black with two white rings around the arm hem. The front of the shirt says, “Arkham Asylum” in black letters with some diamonds.  The back has, “Harley Quinn” on the top. It also includes two diamonds, to look like a double zero, to fit with the baseball theme. The pants are one leg red and one leg black with white stripes running down the sides.

This officially licensed DC Comics pajama set will have you smirking for evil joy. The 2 piece pajama set is made from a cotton blend. The shirt has a V-neck with a rounded hem for a flattering cut for all those who don this sleepwear. The pants come with an elastic waist including a drawstring to keep them up!

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buy The Riddler Sublimation Men’s Wallet

The Riddler Sublimation Men’s Wallet

Get your next piece of DC Comics Batman paraphernalia. It is a wallet to keep all your money and cards in one place in your pocket. It also serves as a conversation starter.

This wallet is primarily green with question marks all over it. The Riddler is there smiling his evil smile with purple bowling hat and purple gloves. When you open the wallet it is primarily the Riddler’s skin color because it is all about his face on the inside. Beauty!

This wallet measures approximately 4.5 inches long by 3.5 inches tall when it is closed. It is officially licensed by DC Comics so you know Batman can appreciate that. It has one ID holder, two business card holders a single bill sot and three card slots. It is also made from PVC and Polyester for added durability.

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buy Batman’s Two Face Can And Bottle Insulator

Batman’s Two Face Can And Bottle Insulator

Harvey Dent has been one of Batman’s villains for many years and now DC Comics is ready for the world to have a Two Face Can and Bottle koozie ready for the perfect drink temperature.

This sock type can and bottle Insulator is black, pink and tan colored and features two face. How could one so evil and so well evil keep your drink so cold?

It comes in a one size fits most, bottles and cans that is! You will be able to wash it if there are spills and keep it tucked away for when you need it the most.

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buy Batman 2 Piece Black And Gold Pajama Set

Batman 2 Piece Black And Gold Pajama Set

Even the biggest Batman fan needs some pajamas that show their love of the Dark Knight. This 2 piece pajama set is just the thing to make your relaxing nights complete.

The pajama set is mostly black, but is covered with great metallic gold. The gold forms the Bat Symbol on the front of the pajama top. It also says “Dark Knight”, the Bat Symbol too and stripes down the sides of the legs.

These 2 piece pajama set are made from cotton. The pants have an elastic waistband and a drawstring to ensure they stay in place. The top has a v-neck and a rounded hem on the bottom. They come in sizes ranging from Small to 3XL for all those Batman fans. It is even officially licensed DC Comics apparel.

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buy Batman And Jetpack Toy Set

Batman And Jetpack Toy Set

If your little one loves their superhero Batman, then this it the next best toy for them. It is Batman And his Jetpack. They are really going to love it!

The two pieces of this toy set are a DC Comics Batman action figure and a Batman jetpack. Batman is wearing his black outfit with the black and yellow bat symbol and his yellow utility belt. Batman’s jetpack is yellow and black too. It is so cool. The jets turn to make sure Batman is flying over Gotham City in the right direction.

Brought to you by Fisher Price Imaginext, you know it is going to be a great addition to your little one’s toy collection. DC Comics Batman would probably buy this for his little one if he had one. It comes in two pieces and is recommended for those older than 3.

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buy Girls Batman Symbol And Name Jogging Pants

Girls Batman Symbol And Name Jogging Pants

Let’s find some comfortable jogging pants to add to the closet! Why not choose some DC Comics Batman joggers? They go with everything and will quickly become your favorite ones of all time.

These women’s pants are all black except for two key features. At the top of the right leg there is a large black and yellow Bat symbol. On the left leg there are gigantic yellow capital letters spelling out, “BATMAN”. They’re amazing!

These officially licensed DC Comics Batman jogging pants come in a wide range of women’s sizes. They are made of a cotton and polyester blend for supreme comfort and softness. It has a black drawstring to keep them up when you are doing some serious activity or just lounging on the couch.

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