buy Kids Batman Face Masks

Kids Batman Face Masks

Kids need to be masked to and that is why you can get these Kids Batman Face Masks.

These face masks are the disposable kind and are 3 ply and come in a box of 50 so that there are lots of mask to keep you kids happy.

The masks are rated ages 3 – 12 so that they are great for you child and you know that normal masks are just really boring especially if you are a little Batman fan.

The black masks had the yellow Batman symbol all over it so that everyone can see that you child is a true Batman fan.

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buy Harley Quinn Watch

Harley Quinn Watch

Now you can get this Harley Quinn Watch that is available for men, women, and kids.

This wrist watch is available for men, woman and kids so that anyone can enjoy one.

The watch has a chrome shell with a watch face that is red with a diamond pattern and then on top a nice image of Harley Quinn.

And to make this Harley Quinn watch more personal to you there are options like you can pick out a cool wrist straps you like best. I do like this shiny red one but there are many other colors and styles available.

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buy Yellow Batman Logo Bike Helmet

Yellow Batman Logo Bike Helmet

Kids can now protect their heads by wearing this Yellow Batman Logo Bike Helmet.

The Batman bicycle helmet is black and yellow and on the yellow sides you can find the famous black Batman logo and as the Dark Knight hangs out in the dark they even added a red light on the back so that people can see your little Batman in the dark.

The Batman helmet is adjustable in size so that kids ages 3 – 8 can enjoy wearing this bike helmet and it is great for so many activities like riding skateboards, rollerblades, scooter, and a bicycle.

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buy Kids Batman Chair

Kids Batman Chair

If your child needs a cool chair and you want one that looks nice in your home then you should check out this kids Batman chair.

This kids chair is black upholstered and will look great in your nice living room while keeping the kids happy. The Batman chair has the tool belt on the front below the seat and on the back rest you can see the Batman logo and below the logo there are ridges and that looks like the muscles you can see Batman has.

A cool chair like this will be a hit when you surprise your child with it.

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buy Batman Kids Time Teacher Watch

Batman Kids Time Teacher Watch

This Batman wrist watch is made for kids that want to learn to read time.

In the middle of the watch face, you can find the famous Batman logo and around it the numbers of the hours. The watch has 3 hands and on the hour and minute hand, it says “Hour” and “Minute” so that a child can keep them apart.

The Batman watch has a black rubber watch band that looks great and fit’s nicely with the whole design of this kids watch.

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buy Batman And Logo Kids Umbrella

Batman And Logo Kids Umbrella

Now there is an Batman umbrella for kids!

This black umbrella is just perfect for kids that love Batman as on the black canvas you can find Batman and his cape and the famous yellow Batman symbol.

And even the handle of the umbrella is in Batman style with the Batman logo right on it.

The Batman umbrella has a diameter of 25 inch and that will make it to small for adults.

And yes this is an officially licensed DC Comics product that will be loved by kids that don’t want to get wet in the rain.

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buy Batman Kids Bicycle Helmet

Batman Kids Bicycle Helmet

Kids should play outside and if they like to ride a bike they need a helmet and lucky for them there now is this special looking Batman helmet.

Now there will be no more complains about wearing a helmet because this a bike helmet that makes kids look like Batman.

The helmet is black with a yellow strap and has the Batman logo on it of course and to make it even cooler they even added some pointy bat ears just like Batman has.

Riding a bicycle, rollerblading, skateboarding and more this helmet will protect your child’s head and makes them feel like Batman.

Get your Batman Kids Bicycle Helmet

buy Batman Voice Changer Mask From Batman V Superman

Batman Voice Changer Mask From Batman V Superman

This Batman mask is just like the one worn by Batman in the movie Batman V Superman and it’s great for kids that like to be the Dark Knight.

And this Batman mask is not just a mask, it has light around they eyes and a voice changer and more then 15 phrases build in so that even the little kids can sound like Batman.

Of course this Batman mask if fun for play and great for the Halloween costume.

The mask is rated ages 4+ and runs on 3 AAA batteries (demo batteries included).

Make you child happy as this will make them look just like Batman.

Get your Batman Voice Changer Mask From Batman V Superman

buy Catwoman Kids Costume

Catwoman Kids Costume

Catwoman Kids Costume

The sleek and powerful DC Comics super villain Catwoman is always on Batman’s tail, so to speak. Now you can transform into your very own Catwoman for costume parties, dresss up play time or Halloween.

This is a costume that looks just like Batman’s Catwoman, find a sleek fitting cat suit that is all black, a black belt, black cat eye mask and of course the headpiece that mimics cat ears.

It is available in kids girl sizes of Small, Medium and Large and is the deluxe costume so the only thing needed that is not included is some black shoes.

Check out this DC Comics Catwoman Kids Costume.

buy Batman Hooded Towel

Batman Hooded Towel

Batman Hooded Towel

Batman fans always want to show off their love for Batman and look like him as often as they can, this is a towel that will help you with that.

The towel wrap features a grey towel that has a black portion on the bottom and a yellow stripe, at the top it has a hood that looks just like the Batman mask complete with bat ears and eyes.

This officially licensed DC Comics Batman towel measures 24 inches x 50 inches and it will be very comfortable and soft as it is made from 100% cotton, it will also be durable and last you a long time so you can use it for many adventures to the beach, pool or at home.

Get the DC Comics Batman Hooded Towel.