buy Batman Magnetic Picture Frame

Batman Magnetic Picture Frame

Now there is a Batman Magnetic Picture Frame.

The picture frame is great for a Batman fan and as it is magnetic it will stick to metal surfaces like the fridge or a locker.

The Batman picture frame is black with the Batman logo in the lower corners and between the corners it can have your name (at no extra cost).

A personalized frame is a great gift to all the Batman fans out there that have a cool picture that deserves a frame.

If you have a Batman fan in your life that deserves a nice picture on the fridge then put it in this magnetic photo frame.

Get your Batman Magnetic Picture Frame

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buy Batman Hanging Photo Frames

Batman Hanging Photo Frames

Now you home can have Batman in it and photo’s of loved once dangling below it.

The Batman picture frame shows Batman with his wings out and below Batman you can find 3 Batman symbol shaped picture frames that offer a round frame so that you can have pictures of your kids, animals or who ever in them.

So if Batman is part of your life then a special picture frame like this is just what you need.

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