buy Batman Easter Activity Set

Batman Easter Activity Set

Now Easter can come because there is this Batman Easter Activity Set that is a fun way to keep your kids happy.

This Easter set includes crayons, and markers and there are stickers and coloring pages to so you child can have something todo while eating chocolate.

If you kids love Batman and Easter then this is what to get them and then make the Easter Bunny hide it so that the kids have something fun to look for and as this is not candy it maybe better for them and also keep them busy for a while.

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buy Batman Head Trick Or Treat Bucket

Batman Head Trick Or Treat Bucket

Batman is ready for some candy as this is a Batman treat pail that looks like the head of The Dark Knight himself.

The masked face is mainly black and has a good handle on the top so that kids can take it trick or treating with Halloween or collecting Easter eggs when the Easter Bunny visited.

The treat bag is just a fun item for a child that really loves Batman although it is a bit morbid to walk around with the head of Batman dangling beside you.

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