buy Batman Playing Cards

Batman Playing Cards

Batman Playing Cards

What’s the dealio? Batman is the only one playing with a full deck – Joker(s) included! Fully suited for Batman fans, 52 beautifully rendered Dark Knight comic style playing cards will have you getting renewed enjoyment out of your standard set of card games. Poker (K)night will be geek-tweeked with ‘Gotham-sauce’ when you pick up a boxed set of these babies. A hot item, you’ll want to have your AC on for this (fully liscensed) DC deck!

You will enjoy different imagery on each type of card that the caped crusader adorns, so let your inner fan boy (or girl!) out of the box!

Don’t pass up this deal, ante up and let the guano drop on those too afraid to score!

Grab your mint set of Boxed Batman Playing Cards.

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