buy Batman Flipeez Winter Hat

Batman Flipeez Winter Hat

Batman Flipeez Winter Hat for kids

if your kid is over 4 and loves Batman then this is the hat to get them this winter.

This hat is grey fleece like material and has a big Batman logo on the front. But that is not all of course, the style is kind of like a laplander hat that keeps the ears covers and has tassels on the side but if you press the left tassel you will get wings.

Yes there is a pump in the left tassel and when pressed bat wings show up on the top just like in the picture above.

A winter hat like this is just the perfect kind to wear as it keeps you warm and it’s super cool.

Come take a closer look at this Batman Flipeez Winter Hat.

buy Batman Mask Beanie

Batman Mask Beanie

Batman Mask Beanie

Want to have Batman’s look all the time? You now can with a beanie that creates a mask every time you put it on.

This black and grey beanie has eye holes cut into the material for an instant Batman mask. The design is from Batman’s nose and up, topped off with his signature bat ears. It also features grey tassels on each side attached to warm ear flaps just in case you need to tie it on while catching those criminals.

This beanie comes in a one size that fits most kids and has a nice lining inside to keep your head warm on cool days.

Create your own little Batman in your house with the Batman Mask Beanie.