buy Batman Gotham Lunch Box

Batman Gotham Lunch Box

Now bringing lunch from home is fun all thanks to this Batman Gotham Lunch Box.

This lunch box is made by Thermos and is black with yellow edges and handle and then on the front it shows a big Batman logo and inside it you can find the skyline of Gotham City and the search light of Batman shows in the sky and it also says Batman in giant letters.

The Batman lunch box is 100% PCV free and is insulated to keep things at the right temperature longer and it is also easy to clean so that it will be ready for tomorrows lunch in no time at all.

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buy Batman Logo Alarm Clock

Batman Logo Alarm Clock

No more over sleeping for you because now there is this Batman Logo Alarm Clock.

This vintage looking alarm clock is available with and baby blue or pink housing so both boys and girls can enjoy it and then the clock face is grey with the famous Batman logo on it in yellow and black.

The Batman alarm clock runs on a battery and even has a nightlight function so that you can easily see the time if you want to as you can turn it off too.

Back to school or the office becomes a little bit more fun when Batman wakes you in the morning.

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buy Harley Quinn Cat Water Bottle

Harley Quinn Cat Water Bottle

Now you can stay hydrated all thanks to this Harley Quinn Cat Water Bottle.

This metal water bottle is white with a black cap with a loop and it is made from stainless steel making it the perfect bottle as you can keep reusing it for many years to come.

On the bottle you can see a cat and it is dress up like Harley Quinn. It really looks cute but we all know that both cats and Harley Quinn have their sneaky side so watch you back.

The Harley Quinn water bottle is 20 oz and that makes it great for many adventures or maybe just school or the office.

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buy Batman Digital Alarm Clock

Batman Digital Alarm Clock

Now there is this Batman Digital Alarm Clock that is made to get your out of bed on time while looking amazing.

Now you can sleep peacefully knowing that Batman is watching over you.

The alarm clock shows Batman from his utility belt up and in his chest just below the Batman symbol there is the clock.

Batman has an alarm and clock so that it will wake you on time. And this alarm clock will also keep your room dark at night as the clock only gives light when you activate it which I really like in an alarm clock.

So if you need to get up on time to go to school or work then let Batman help you.

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buy Batman Dark Knight Backpack

Batman Dark Knight Backpack

Now there is this Batman Dark Knight Backpack that is cool and perfect for all the Batman fans out there.

This Batman backpack is has a black and white background and that black and white is a comic print and also says “Dark Knight” and then on top there is a big Batman logo in black with a yellow edge and that makes it cool.

And this Batman backpack is 16 inch making it a nice size for school but it is great for lots of your adventures and besides the big main pocket there is a small pocket too.

So if you need a backpack then check out if the Dark Knight can help you.

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buy Batman 6 Meal Lunch Set

Batman 6 Meal Lunch Set

If one meal is not enough then you need this Batman 6 Meal Lunch Set.

This Batman lunch box is black with the big Batman logo on the front and then inside it you will find 6 boxes for your food all with the Batman logo on top.

Besides the bag and the boxes you get ice packs to and the bag has a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

This is not the typical lunch box you take to school, this is more like a meal system so that you can bring breakfast and maybe even dinner and a snack for after they gym.

If you like Batman and need a lot of food then you want to check out this big Batman lunch bag.

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buy Batman Notebook

Batman Notebook

Now there this Batman Notebook that looks unique.

This is a spiral notebook that has 120 pages and you can choose between a ruled line and graph paper.

On the front of the notebook you can see Batman walking towards you and he is surrounded by smoke or fog and that looks pretty neat.

As it is a spiral notebook it is super easy to use as you can fold it over and as you can fold it you only need half the space on your desk.

This is a great notebook for all the Batman fans that need to write notes and you can use it anywhere like at school, work, and at home.

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buy Batman Journal With Bookmark

Batman Journal With Bookmark

Now you can have this cool looking Batman Journal.

The journal has a cool cover with a leather looking cover with the famous Batman logo and even the famous tool belt seems to part of the design.

Inside the journal, you will find some card slots and a string bookmark and then there acid-free lined paper so that you have lots of writing space. Take this journal to school, work, or at home and it will always be ready for your notetaking.

The Batman journal measures 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches making it the perfect size for easy use almost anywhere.

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buy Batman Pencil Case

Batman Pencil Case

Now there is a true Batman pencil case.

The pencil case is actually a real case complete with a lock and it looks really cool as it is black with chrome corners and on the black you can find many bats and a big Batman symbol in gray scale.

Inside the pencil case there are some elastics and mesh pockets to organize your pens, pencil, and other things you use at your desk at school and the office.

Now you can have a strong box in your backpack to use with your writing supplies but you could use this cool box for storing other things too.

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buy Batman Harness Style Backpack

Batman Harness Style Backpack

Now there is nice Batman harness style backpack.

The Batman backpack is not a bag that screams Batman but it clearly is to fans of the Dark Knight like you.

The backpack on the outside looks like of like a harness made with lots of dark colors like black, purple and then there is yellow to  and the Batman logo in black on top of it.

And this Batman backpack is 18 x 12 x 5.25 inches making it nice and big and perfect for back to school and the office. The backpack is yellow on the inside with lots of space to store you stuff including you computer as there is a build in laptop sleeve in the backpack.

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