buy Batman Logo Duct Tape

Batman Logo Duct Tape

Now you can use this Batman Logo Duct tape that is just perfect for making anything into Batman decorated.

The Batman tape is by Scotch and is 1.88 inch wide and 10 yard long so that there is enough for a while.

As you can see the duct tape is black and on it you can find the yellow Batman logo on it and that symbol can be found covering most of the tape.

And the tape even has a waterproof backing so you can use it to fix things to just do not use it on the metal ducts in your home.

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buy Batman Logo Tape

Batman Logo Tape

Batman Logo Tape

Tape is one of those amazingly useful things you can’t live without.

But most tape is boring specially for fans of the Dark Knight.

But now Batman fans will have their own tape and this is not boring tape.

This tape has a yellow, red and orange background in a fun pattern and on front of that there you find the famous Bat logo from Batman .

Just imagine hanging stuff on the wall with Batman tape or maybe dress up a school book with some Batman tape so that it al least looks fun.

This Batman tape comes on a roll of 50 feet and that means lots of tape to have some fun.

Don’t wait any longer come shop for your Batman Logo Tape.