buy Jokers Revenge Swimsuit

Jokers Revenge Swimsuit

Jokers Revenge Swimsuit

For the beach, pool or hot tub this is a must have swimsuit for the DC Comics Batman and The Joker fan.

On this swimsuit you will find vibrant colors and comic book images that portray the sly and ruthless Joker, The Joker is in his purple suit with white face and green hair holding a playing card that has Batman on it and a large red “BATMAN” written at the top. There is also the Gotham city scape and the saying “Look Out: Gotham! The Joker’s Back In Town!”.

This is a free size swimsuit that can fit a wide range of sizes as it is made from the perfect blend of materials: 88% polyester and 12% spandex, giving you a very soft and stretchy swimsuit.

Suit up in this Batman The Jokers Revenge Swimsuit.

buy Batman Board Shorts With Pocket

Batman Board Shorts With Pocket

Batman Symbol Board Shorts With Pocket

When a Batman fan wants to go for a swim then wearing these Batman board shorts would be the perfect thing to wear.

These black swim shorts have a yellow waistband and the Batman logo on the front. And the back there is a pocket that has a little yellow edge to so that even the back has some color to it.

These men’s swim short come in many sizes from Small – 2XL so that a pig part of the Batman fan base can wear these board shorts to the pool or beach this year.

Come take a closer look at these Batman Symbol Board Shorts With Pocket.

buy Batman Logo Cover Shorts

Batman Logo Cover Shorts

If you are looking for some fun shorts for summer that show the world that you like Batman then you should look at this.

These are cover shorts designed to go over you swimsuit when you leave the beach but they are perfect shorts of other occasions as well.

These women’s shorts are black with yellow details on the bottom and around the pockets and besides that they are just cover in the famous yellow Batman symbol and that even makes you wonder if the shorts are black with yellow or yellow with a little bit of black.

You can get these Batman shorts in women’s sizes Small – XL and all look as nice as these once.

Get your Batman Logo Cover Shorts

buy Red And Black Batman One Piece Swimsuit

Red And Black Batman One Piece Swimsuit

Red And Black Batman One Piece Bathing Suit

Beach and pool time does not mean that you should forget all about Batman.

And now you can bring Batman with you as he is printed on the front and back of this women’s swimsuit.

On this one piece bathing suit you can see a the red nights sky with the word “Batman” on top and below that the Dark Knight himself in an action pose in full costume including his famous cape.

Just imagine a day at the beach while wearing this amazing looking piece of swimwear. No everyone will know how much you like Batman.

Come and have a better look at this Red And Black Batman One Piece Bathing Suit.

buy Batman One Piece Bathing Suit

Batman One Piece Bathing Suit

Women's Batman swimsuit

Putting down those comic books is difficult but going to the beach or pool for a swim can be fun to.

And now you can have a bit of both worlds with this Batman comics swimsuit.

This is a black one piece bathing suit for women and that black piece of swimwear is covered in blue dots and besides that you can find Batman in different poses or just his head and yes of course the bat symbol also can be found and even some typical words we know from Batman like ‘Boom” and al this makes this a fun swimsuit.

And to make it look a bit more interesting you can find a fun back that is hold by a blue lace (click picture above to see more).

So now putting down that comic will be easier. Time for a swim in your new Batman One Piece Swimsuit.

buy Batman Logo Bikini Set

Batman Logo Bikini Set

Batman low rise bikini set

If you are the Batman fan that needs to go for a swim then this could be the perfect bikini for your day at the pool or beach.

This Batman bikini has a black top with on the front a big Batman logo and it only has one strap that is yellow and goes diagonal on the back giving you back a fun look. And the bikini bottoms are black and on the front sides have yellow lines and then on the back you can find the bat logo again.

You have to click on the picture to see the unique back design of this Batman swimsuit.

This DC Comics women’s swimwear comes in sizes Small – XLarge.

Your day at the beach will be a great one when you can wear this Batman Women’s Bikini.