buy Batman Stackable Snack Boxes

Batman Stackable Snack Boxes

Now you can get this fun set off Batman Stackable Snack Boxes.

The set includes 3 boxes two are 1 cup in size and have the Batman logo on it and then there is a 3/4 cup box that says Batman and there is a yellow handle too so that you can easily carry it.

The snack boxes are BPA free and a freezer and dishwasher safe and are great for holding snacks that you can take places like maybe to school or a picnic or another adventure.

I am sure that Batman uses these stackable boxes when he goes on another adventure.

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buy Batman Gadget Tin

Batman Gadget Tin

We all have a lot of gadgets lying around taking up to much space on your desk or drawers.

But if you are a Batman fan then now you have the opportunity to get your own special box for you gadgets.

This black metal box has the Batman logo on top and on the side it says in big yellow letters “GADGET TIN” so that you know what goes inside.

The Batman storage tin is 8.7 x 5.5 x 2.7 inch and is just the perfect box for storing you stuff in. And yes you can even put some of your Batman collectibles inside.

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