buy Kids Batman Bluetooth Headphones

Kids Batman Bluetooth Headphones

Music can now be heard on by your child all thanks to these Kids Batman Bluetooth Headphones.

These Batman headphones are blue and grey and have the Batman logo on the ear pieces and inside the logo you find Batman.

And these headphones are bluetooth and have a battery that can do up to 24 hours of continuous play time and are easy to charge.

And if you don’t like bluetooth for your kids headphones then you are in luck as there is a wire that you can plug in to making them wired headphones.

These headphones are really cool for a little Batman fan and they can fold down to so that they easily can be stored in your bag.

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buy Over The Ear Batman Headphones

Over The Ear Batman Headphones

Now you can enjoy Batman and your music all thanks to these Over The Ear Batman Headphones.

The headphones are black and yellow and on the ear cups you can find the Batman symbol against a yellow background.

The Batman headphones have a comfortable headband and is adjustable in size to fit your head perfectly. There is a 1.2 meter long cord to make it the perfect length to use with our computer, phone, or maybe even a CD player if you want to go old school.

Now you can enjoy your music while other can’t hear it and that is all we want.

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buy Batman And Robin Batmobile Speaker

Batman And Robin Batmobile Speaker

Batman And Robin Batmobile Speaker

There is a good chance the awesome batmobile has one wicked sound system, well here could be a tribute to that.

On this portable speaker you will find an image based after the classic 1966 television series Batman, Batman and Robin are in the batmobile taking a cruise and it is done in black and white which is fitting for the classic Batman series.

The Batman and Robin speaker measures 2.375 inches in length x 4.5 inches in width x 0.75 inches in depth and is compatible with any 3.5mm jack, it is powered 2 AAA  or use the USB cord that is included.

The Batman and Robin sitting in the batmobile design is printed on a high quality fabric and the portable speaker features a kickstand to prop it up for optimal listennig and sound capability.

Have a look at the DC Comics Batman And Robin Batmobile Speaker

buy Batman Belt Buckle Speaker

Batman Belt Buckle Speaker

Batman logo Belt Buckle With Build In Speaker

Want people to notice you?

Just wear this Batman belt buckle and play the Batman theme song then people will look.

So this is a belt buckle with the Batman logo on it and it works just like any other belt buckle. BUT it offers something more. It has a build in speaker that you can connect to your phone, mp3 player or maybe even you good old walkman.

So now you belt buckle became away to make people listen to you favorite music and that is always fun and a good reason for a dance off at school or the street.

Come take a closer look at this Batman Logo Belt Buckle With Build In Speaker.