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Batmobile Cookie Jar

If you are a Batman fan that wonders what fuel the Batmobile uses then the answer is cookies because this Batmobile cookie jar just has room for that on the inside.

So now you can have a Batman cookie jar that looks like an amazing blue Batmobile and just lift the seats and there is where the cookie go.

The 11.5 inch long Batmobile is perfect for storing those cookies that didn’t get eaten when you opened the package.

A cookie jar like this is what every Batman fan needs and the quality materials make this a product that could last for generations in your home.

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The Joker Cookie Jar

Batman - The Joker Cookie Jar

I am pretty sure that Batman villain The Joker loves cookies and now they made a cookie jar that looks like him.

This cookie jar made by Westland Giftware and is made of high quality ceramic.

As you can see the cookie jar shows a bust of The Joker but you can see his purple jacket and green hair and he even holds a Joker playing card in his hand.

The Joker cookie jar is about 11 inch tall and a true collectors item that can be in your family for many generations to come.

Lets store some delicious Batman cookies in this The Joker Cookie Jar.

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Batman Cookie Jar

Batman Cookie Jar

Do you have a hard time with staying away from those cookies?

Store them in this cookie jar and Batman will make you think twice.

This ceramic cookie jar is 11.25 inch tall and looks just like Batman from the waist up. And Batman does not look like a friendly fellow that want you to eat cookies so with a cookie jar that stares at you every time you come near you may eat less cookies.

The Batman cookies jar as amazing details of Batman from the muscled body to the cape and yes of course the bat symbol on it’s chest everything is tough of in this cookie jar design.

So if your cookies need a home then come get them a Batman Cookie Jar.