buy Batman Mask Laundry Basket

Batman Mask Laundry Basket

Now there is this Batman Mask Laundry Basket your bedroom needs.

If you want to give Batman your dirty laundry then now you can because this laundry hamper is all about Batman.

The light colored laundry basket has black handles and shows the famous mask of Batman on it so that a true fan knows what it is.

The basket is water proof and can do way more than hold laundry.

Kids toys can have a home in this Batman hamper too and maybe it helps to have Batman on it because maybe the kids and even adults put their stuff in it because it is a Batman basket.

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buy Batman Easter Activity Set

Batman Easter Activity Set

Now Easter can come because there is this Batman Easter Activity Set that is a fun way to keep your kids happy.

This Easter set includes crayons, and markers and there are stickers and coloring pages to so you child can have something todo while eating chocolate.

If you kids love Batman and Easter then this is what to get them and then make the Easter Bunny hide it so that the kids have something fun to look for and as this is not candy it maybe better for them and also keep them busy for a while.

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buy Batman Gotham And More Key Rack

Batman Gotham And More Key Rack

Batman likes to organize and that is why there is this Batman Gotham And More Key Rack.

If your keys are all over the place then you may need to find them a home and a key rack is what you need.

This Batman key rack is made from wood and is all black and it shows the skyline of Gotham City with the bat symbol in the sky and Batman standing on a roof and there is a big Batman logo to and all that is cut out of the wood.

On the lower part of the Batman key rack there are 5 hooks so there is room for the Batmobile keys and also keys from others in your home.

Stop loosing your keys at home because there is no need for it anymore.

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buy The Joker Face Hoodie

The Joker Face Hoodie

Want to be in Batman’s bad books then you need this The Joker Face Hoodie.

This hoodie is black and on it you can find the head of The Joker and it takes up most of the space on the front and there is a spray painted background to add to the design.

This Joker hoodie has a big pocket on the front like we all like and the hoodie is made from 75% cotton and 25% polyester and it comes in men’s sizes Small – 3XL.

It is a great hoodie for anyone that like the Batman DC Comics universe or just someone that love The Joker and his freaky laugh.

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buy Robin Costume Socks With Cape

Robin Costume Socks With Cape

Now you can get these fun Robin Costume Socks With Cape.

These DC socks are great for women and will fit shoe sizes 5 – 10 and are made from 100% acrylic.

These socks are green with a red top with the Robin R logo on it and the belt he wears and as he is a superhero helper they even added a yellow cape to it.

If you are a bit fan of Batman and would like to be Robin then start with wearing these cool socks.

The socks are great as part of a Halloween costume but you can wear them as everyday socks too.

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buy Batman Floaties Vest

Batman Floaties Vest

If you child loves Batman and going to the pool then maybe this Batman Floaties Vest is what they need.

If your child can’t swim yet but still wants to go swimming then arm floaties are great and this Batman best has arm floats connected.

The whole vest is light blue with the Batman logo on the arm floats and Batman himself on the front with the logo next to him.

This swim vest is made for kids weighing 30 – 50 pounds and will helps them have fun in the water while being safe so that you don’t have to worry too much.

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buy Batman And The Joker Cupcake Rings

Batman And The Joker Cupcake Rings

If you want Batman cake then you need these Batman And The Joker Cupcake Rings.

Cupcake rings are a great and easy way to decorate cupcakes so that any cupcake can become a Batman cupcake.

There are 4 different designs and there are 24 rings in a pack so that you can get a fun cupcake for anyone in your party.

There are rings with Batman and The Joker and also yellow once with the Batman symbol on it.

And besides fun for cupcakes you can also use them as rings for napkins to make your Batman party look cool to and after the party the kids can take the rings and even wear them on their fingers.

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buy Batman Electric Toothbrush

Batman Electric Toothbrush

Now you can clean you teeth Batman style all thanks to this Colgate Batman Electric Toothbrush.

This toothbrush made by Colgate is battery operated making it great for at home and on the go.

The toothbrush is black and also has the famous Batman on it.

Sure this is a kids toothbrush but if you are a big fan and adult then you can use it to because nobody is watching.

Cleaning your teeth superhero style is what we all want and a Batman toothbrush is all you need to make that happen.

And as it is battery operated then it is good to know that batteries are included.

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buy Harley Quinn Cat Water Bottle

Harley Quinn Cat Water Bottle

Now you can stay hydrated all thanks to this Harley Quinn Cat Water Bottle.

This metal water bottle is white with a black cap with a loop and it is made from stainless steel making it the perfect bottle as you can keep reusing it for many years to come.

On the bottle you can see a cat and it is dress up like Harley Quinn. It really looks cute but we all know that both cats and Harley Quinn have their sneaky side so watch you back.

The Harley Quinn water bottle is 20 oz and that makes it great for many adventures or maybe just school or the office.

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buy Batmobile Play Tent

Batmobile Play Tent

Now little Batman fans can get a fun Batmobile Play Tent.

Play tents are fun for kids to play in or just relax and read a book and if it is a comic book then this is the play tent to get as it looks like the Batmobile just like Batman has it.

And this tent is easy to put up and take down so that it doesn’t really have to be in the way if the kids aren’t playing with it.

There is a big door in the back and there is a sunroof too for to make it even cooler. I am sure your child is going to love it.

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