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Batman Electric Toothbrush

Now you can clean you teeth Batman style all thanks to this Colgate Batman Electric Toothbrush.

This toothbrush made by Colgate is battery operated making it great for at home and on the go.

The toothbrush is black and also has the famous Batman on it.

Sure this is a kids toothbrush but if you are a big fan and adult then you can use it to because nobody is watching.

Cleaning your teeth superhero style is what we all want and a Batman toothbrush is all you need to make that happen.

And as it is battery operated then it is good to know that batteries are included.

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buy Batman Toothbrush

Batman Toothbrush

This Batman toothbrush is for kids that love this superhero.

And parents that have a hard time getting your child to brush are in luck as this toothbrush has a 1 minute timer build in that will give flashing light.

Kids are going to love using this brush because it give light and because the handle is Batman.

Any one would love to have this Batman toothbrush but it is made for kids so adults are out of luck.

The soft bristles are just perfect for your teeth. And the Batman toothbrush is BPA free and that is one less thing to worry about.

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