buy Batman Sunglasses With Case

Batman Sunglasses With Case

Now you can get these Batman Sunglasses With Case.

The sunglasses have the perfect UV protection so that you can go out in the sun and be a bit more safe and can see easier in bright sunlight.

The Batman sunglasses have a black frame with the Batman logo on the sides and then below the lease it is a bit yellow to give it a bit more fun details. And to make the glasses even cooler they dark lenses have the Batman logo on it too in yellow.

And sunglasses need a cool case to protect them when not in use and that is why they included a case with the glasses and the case is black and yellow with a clip on the side and on the front it has a big Batman symbol so that you know that you Batman glasses are inside it.

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buy The Joker Glasses Face Mask

The Joker Glasses Face Mask

Jumping Jesters – protect yourself from the sun and have some fun doing it! Sometimes you have to bring out the clowns, and what better way to do this than to pop on a crazy pair of fun-glasses!

Batman might just swing by to try to lock you up in Arkham’s big house, when you are sporting these shades.. stylish to wear anywhere, anytime! Day or night.. just not when you go to the bank!

Perfect accessory for The Joker lovers, for yourself or your fellow fanboys or girls! This great costume accessory will ensure you are the Prince of the ball!

Green hair, a devilish grimace and sun glasses will be the way to hit any dress up party in style, and this quick change (masque) will happen faster than you can say “Wait till they get ahold of me!”

Attract your own sweet puddin’, maybe she will be as hot as the lovely Harley Quinn, when you don this pair of spectacular spectacles!

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