buy Batman Over The Knee Costume Socks

Batman Over The Knee Costume Socks

Batman Over The Knee Costume Socks

Yes you can go for tiny socks but why would you if you could have some amazing Batman socks like these.

These socks are long they go all the way over the knee and that makes them perfect for wearing on a cooler day with shorts or a skirt.

And these are not just some grey socks. No these are true Batman socks. The upper part of the socks look like Batman’s costume complete with logo and utility belt and there is more, on the back these socks have a cape to just to add a little bit more fun to these already amazing socks.

Now you can become a bit more like a real superhero just by wearing these Batman Over The Knee Socks With Cape.

buy Batman Bib And Booties

Batman Bib And Booties

Batman Bib And Booties

Of course your baby is like a superhero already.

And if it likes Batman then this set would be perfect.

This Batman set has a fun bib that makes your infant look like Batman complete with Batman logo and tool belt printed on the bib and then like a good superhero there is a cape that you can attach with velcro making the bib almost like a baby Batman costume.

And lets keep those feet warm to with the included Batman booties. The booties are black and have the Batman logo on it of course and they even have the name “Batman” on the cuff.

Adults and kids can now enjoy a clean baby with this Batman Bib And Booties Set.

buy Batman Symbol Crew Socks

Batman Symbol Crew Socks

3 pair of Batman socks for men

You can’t always wear you Batman pajamas specially not to work or a formal function.

But if you still want to feel like Batman then maybe these socks can help.

This is a pack of 3 pairs of Batman socks two pairs are black and one is grey and all have the Batman symbol incorporated in the design.

And because of the color these socks go with a suit as well as with jeans they are just perfect for a day in the office or school.

These Batman socks fit a shoes size 6 -12 and are just perfect for a Batman fan that needs socks.

Get warm feet again with these Batman Logo Socks (3 Pairs).